Daily Prompt: Saintly? who me?

In St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn

OK, let’s get one thing straight. It is not my intention to be disrespectful and I find tolerance should exist above all. I am an atheist and so writing about saints is not really my thing.

I took a walk with my camera in our local cathederal some years ago and discovered that the saints were all locked away, behind bars. I suppose there was a reason for it. Perhaps they preferred to be amongst themselves. No good having too many saints walking around. I have never been visited by a saint and now I know why.

This is really not my theme. I only visit churches for weddings, christenings and funerals. Of course I like to take photos of churches, they have some interesting subjects, like saints behind bars. I am still thinking that one over. I have never tried to be saintly, have no urge to become a saint and it is a profession with no good future. I discovered that all the saints I have heard of passed away many years ago. Some even suffered tragic deaths like burning or being stoned. Of course there are modern day saints that are deemed as such by the church authorities.

I decided to find out about this saint thing, as I might be missing something, so I fed my computer with How to become a saint. It is all in the link, but you have to be patient. Just getting canonised does not mean you are automatically a saint. It takes at least 5 years after you are dead, but some saints have had to wait more than a couple of 100 years to achieve saint status. You have to have lived a holy life, so that cancels me out.  I then read about the heoic virtue and decided that writing blogs is not really heroic, or shopping in the supermarket also does not qualify, although I have fought many battles at the cash till.

The last step of qualification are verified miracles. Note, it is in the plural, just one miracle is not enough. I never turned water into wine, but I did once insert a new fuse when the lights went out at home: let their be light and there was light. I also converted my old Windows 7 computer to Windows 10, and that was a sort of miracle beause I know for a fact that not everyone was successful.

I did have a saintly vision yesterday afternoon when I saw that the sun tried to shine through the mist, but it gave up after half an hour. Of course I would be the first Saint Angloswiss to get the job. One day in the future perhaps someone in the right place will stumble across my blogs and then….. forget it. I do not want to become a saint, I have enough stress already in my life and in death I want to be left alone to do my own thing.

Sun through the mist 05.12.2017

Daily Prompt: Saintly? who me?

19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Saintly? who me?

  1. haha such fun post. I really want to be left alone to do my own thing. I agree. The shared article is funny to me too, infact I feel like today I have gone mad. okay, bye bye.

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  2. I think you have an excellent grip on the saint thing. The problem with saint hood is that it inevitably ends in some horrible demise. Burned, hanged, tortured … I can’t even think of all of the options, but none of them are good. I often wonder if the saints themselves thought it was a good thing, even at the time.

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    • That is what struck me. I don’t think I am cut out for that sort of thing. I was having a look at the Swiss saints and I would have to be roman catholic, which cuts me out in any case. I have never heard of a church of england or atheist becoming a saint. Also the Swiss saints listed are few and all died about 500 years ago. My chances are zero, so I will just carry on. And today you probably have to pay to become a saint and I am not sure if we have the money.


  3. There are many saints who are not proclaimed as such and not all who had been proclaimed had suffered horrible deaths. There are many anonymous saints and…
    Oh when the saints go marching in
    When the saints go marching in
    Oh lord I want to be in that number
    When the saints go marching in

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  4. Wonderful post. Having gone to Catholic School for 8 years, I was always fascinated by the saints and how they died. 🙂 I had a missal the included the saint for each day and their story. Not that I believed all of them. A lot of hagiography is so lost in time that it approaches mythology. Over time (though I still love to roam old churches and religious sites) I realized I had no religion. My biggest problem with many saints is that they often weren’t very saintly in my world view. In the mission building period in what is now California, Father Junipero Serra, suppressed native culture, use the local tribes as forced labor, and refused to let them leave the missions. Yet he is now a saint because he evangelized.

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  5. When I saw this prompt I did not think of Saints in the traditional sense but of the old 1960s TV show The Saint in which actor Roger Moore played a character called Simon Templar. Guess I watched too much TV as a kid! LOL!

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