Good Morning

Morning Mist

It is a misty morning this morning and cold. It reminds me of the foggy days in London town when I was a kid, in the fifties, but that was a dangerous fog, caused by the pollution from the factories. Our fog is mist that is influenced by the river near us, but it is a general condition at the moment in Switzerland. If you would be standing on the local moutain and look down, you would see a sea of fog stretching out over the middle land. During the morning it usually rises and disappears and gradually the sun arrives again.

Road to Langendorf in Snow 04.12 (27)

Yesterday it was snowing on our way to the store, but it was not cold enough to lay long on the ground. I just noticed that I shot this photo as we were passing the vet entrance on the left, just a turning off the main road. As long as there are only snow flutters, it is not so bad. It is when it begins to fall thick and fast and we get road problems that it is not so pleasant.

Yesterday I began a new book, one of those Icelandic authors, Ragnar Jonasson, “Snowblind” and he is supposed to be good. I have read Icelandic novels before, but my problem is remembering names like Sidlufjördur, or Saudarkrokur which are towns: not to mention names of people like Hlynur or Ari Thor. This is supposed to be book 1 in the Dark Iceland series, a police novel, so I hope do not get lost on the way in the Icelandic fjords.

Christmas Wreath

Yesterday we bought our Advent wreath with its four candles to  be lit weekly until Christmas Day. The traditional colour of the candles is red, but I prefer white candles. Mr. Swiss disappeared into the cellar for about 10 minutes until he found the special advent wreath tray. He also discovered a musical christmas tree which is still in the cellar. I am not sure if I want my appartment filled up with Christmas ornaments.

Road to Langendorf in Snow 04.12 (16)

I took this photo from the 1st floor (there is only ground level and a floor on top) of the parking lot at the supermarket. You can see the railway line to the town of Solothurn and in the distance the town of Solothurn. On the left there are the spires of the St. Urs cathedral (Urs was our patron saint of the town) and on the right the tower of the Swiss reform church, which is less decorative. A little bit further right in the background you can see the hospital building sticking up in the landscape.

The building site on the right will become a whole new settlement of appartments with an intgrated park. They only began to build a few months ago, and are already on the second floor of the new blocks.

Today is a no shopping day for me. I have a bathroom to clean which is not my favourite job and Mr. Swiss will avoid me whilst I am cleaning on a quest for a few items in the supermarket.

I will leave you with a view of a snowy road on our way home from the shopping safari yesterday. Have fun, keep safe, and if you have snow covered roads be sure to have your winter tyres on the car.

Road to Langendorf in Snow 04.12 (18)

23 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I remember the London fog/smog. Mum used to make us put scarves over our noses and mouths when we went to school on those days. Our fog here is more as you describe and usually burns away when the sun is sufficientlly warm. It’s nice when you come out of the valley and look back on this blanket of mist which one of the local bus driver’s once described as being “like a great big doona”. A little whimsy on the way to work is not a bad thing.

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    • I remember the soot in my nose when I arrived to school and home again. Walking through East London, one of the most industrialised parts of London at the time, was not such fun in the smog. It was so thick and yellow you had the feeling if you had a knife you could cut through it. Where we live cannot really be described as fog, but I would say a heavy mist. Today it disappeared for an hour over lunch time, but returned this afternoon quite thick and heavy. I could not see the trees on the other side of the estate.


  2. I did not wait up for you post last night. I was very tired, so went to bed minutes before it posted. Mine is scheduled to post automatically about the same time.
    That picture of the road with those elegant street trees is rad! Those are the sorts of formal street trees that I like in urban areas. They used to be more common here because so many neighborhoods were built at the time when that was trendy. Now, those neighborhoods get infilled with a random mix of weird trees as the old trees die out. Even in new neighborhoods, there is no conformity. I know that there is an advantage to such mixes, but the conformity looks so unifying.

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    • No such problems in Switzerland. We have neat rows of nicely shaped trees everywhere. If there is a sign of a tree breaking or dying, it is replaced immediately. Actually the avnue in the last photo is interesting for me. We drive through it at least three times a week and I have many photos showing the different seasons of the year. I usually do my morning post around 8.00 a.m. our time, but sometimes it might be a little later according to photos I might process. I usually take the morning photo with my phone camera as it goes quicker. By the way our tree avenues can be quite old.

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      • If you ever saw the (really inane) sitcom ‘the Beverly Hillbillies’ you might have seen the family driving down Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills, just northwest of downtown. It was one of my favorite tree lined streets back in the 1980s, with alternating Canary Island date palms and Mexican fan palms. Neither one is a favorite tree of mine, but they were exquisite in such a formal planting. Sadly, they conformity was lost as most of the trees have died since then.

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        • It was showing on our TV many years ago but I never watched the Programme. Your vegetation is much different to ours, although in the southern Italian speaking part of Switzerland palm trees grow

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          • Only one specie of palm is native to California, the desert fan palm, or the California fan palm. It is the palm that grows wild near the springs near Palm Springs. All other palms are exotic (imported). Oklahoma actually has as many native palms, with a dwarf palmetto in the very southeastern corner. The windmill palm is extremely tolerant to cold, and lives in Seattle and Oklahoma.

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          • I have no idea what sort of palm the Ticino in Switzerland has, but I do know they have little seeds like berries that seem to sow themselves quite well.


  3. I love seeing the snow in this post — especially today, when we have Santana Winds blowing strongly and two major wildfires burning through a group of cities to the north of Los Angeles. One of them burned 45K acres overnight! It appears that fire season is year round now!

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  4. Ventura is about 2/3 of the way from here to Santa Barbara — I will go by there in 2 weeks on the way for a Christmas break! This could be another fire like the one last month in Santa Rosa! It is sad to see homes burning — especially those in cities and not in the wilderness. Also, they showed a shot of a deer with its head in a bucket — the poor wildlife do what they can to try to survive!

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  5. Looks like home! We’re getting a wet, icky mess of rain with some snow and sleet mixed in. My least favorite weather, so we are NOT going to the party in Boston. Not driving 70 miles in the dark in rain and sleet! It is so dark out there, it really looks like night in the house. But we are visiting the Curleys tomorrow, so i’m counting on the weather improving by then. Every time we think of California these days, we think “fire” and “mudslide.” No climate change around these parts!

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    • I am glad that I don’t have to go anywhere up,to Christmas. I don’t want or need any more stress in my life. It is already dark here now at 4.30 in the afternoon. Our weather is pure mist and tomorrow it will freeze in the early morning, We hope it will be better when we go shopping. Enjoy your visit tomorrow.


    • You are right to think of fire in California — there are 4 major fires today making about a 15-mile ring around Los Angeles. The winds are wild this week, for probably about 5 or 6 days! We are so urbanized that even the semi-rural areas are losing tracts of homes! So far we are safe in this area, but it’s not certain that that will last! The season is no longer 5 or 6 months long, but goes year around! Mudslides will come later, if it rains!

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