Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter P – Needs to have at least 5 letters and start with P December 5, 2017 Cee Neuner


A protea, my favourite flower. I have probably got the largest collection of various protea flower photos, they are never the same. Since their seeds landed from another world, most probably, they grow in all shapes and sizes. Triffid? Forget it, proteas are the daddy of them all.

Paraglider 23.04 (1)

A paraglider preparing to land.


A Psion Serie 3a: a personal digital assistant. The size was 165 × 85 × 22 mm and you could easily carry them in your bag. Mr. Swiss bought the first edition, and afterwards the improved 3a. They had a watered down version of Word and even Excel and you could use them for perhaps quick notes. I found this one in a cupboard at home. They appeared around 1993 but you rarely see them today. I found it quite useful at the time.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter P – Needs to have at least 5 letters and start with P December 5, 2017 Cee Neuner

16 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter P – Needs to have at least 5 letters and start with P December 5, 2017 Cee Neuner

      • Yes, although I do not know from which planet they originate. Some of my clients grow them. Once they get started, they seem somewhat easy to grow. I would check on the tolerance to frost though. Frost has never been a concern here, so I do not know about it.

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        • It would be interesting to try and grow them. They are one of the more expensive flowers here and not always available. We have to keep most exotic plants indoors in winter as trmpertatures are mostly 0 degrees or below during winter.

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          • They are expensive because they are so unproductive. I don’t mean that in a bad way. I just mean that they spend all year working on the same few flowers.


    • Only this week I saw my first King Protea in the local store. They are really big (and expensive to buy). I knew they were a national flower somewhere. Do people grow them in the garden, or can you grow them from seed. I don’t think they would survive very well in the Swiss climate.

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      • I guess specialists grow them from seed – but generally they grow wild in very specific areas (fynbos) in South Africa. They grow as bushes and trees and many (all?) varieties only release their seed when they’ve been through a bush fire.


  1. I had one of those — well actually two of those — personal desk assistant things and I really loved them. I used to put everything in them … and that was great until one of them failed and I lost all my stuff. After that, I was more careful about where I put important information — like ALL my phone numbers!

    Love that very lovely but strange flower! AND the paraglider.

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    • At the time they were useful, but since so much more has been developed in the digital world, that they are no longer so popular, but they are still available. I love those protea, so mysterious


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