Share Your World – December 4, 2017

What household chore do you absolutely hate doing?

Nera in Bathroom

I must share this one with CEE. Every Tuesday morning 45 minutes spent in the bathroom. I don’t mind the toilet or the sinks, I do that every day, but the whole expanse of a bath, a wall full of tiles to freshen up and all sorts of awkward nooks and crannies. And of course that silly corner between the toilet and the bath, although I give that one a wipe every morning by foot placed on a cloth. We all have our secret ways.  A few months ago I decided to spend a quarter of an hour on Monday afternoon doing some awkward bits, which has proved to be a good idea. It is a quarter of an hour less on Tuesday morning and I do not feel so exhausted afterwards.

At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive?

In my recent past? Let’s leave to those that can still walk around in the supermarket without needing the trolley for support, or a stick.

How many times have you moved in the last ten years?

My moving days finished 20 years ago when we bought our ground floor appartment. Between my move from London to Switzerland I moved a few times. I was in Zürich and moved to Solothurn. Mr. Swiss and I moved around a couple of times in Solothur before buying our appartment in Feldbrunnen, just outside of the town of Solothurn. The next move will be eternal, so who knows.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Amaryllis 02.12 (6)

My new amaryllis inspired me when the flowers suddenly decided to open. I bought it some time in November and it was just a small green bud in the pot. It grew quite silently and one morning I saw a white appearance. I had never had a white one before. I am now inspired as for the first time I managed to regrow last year’s amaryllis. I left it outside during the summer, fed it with fertiliser and let the leaves grow. Eventually I removed the bulb from the pot, removed the dead roots and repotted it. After the first couple of weeks in the living room a new bud has appeared. It is the first time I have tried to grow an amaryllis again and it worked. I am hoping to be able to do the same with my new white amaryllis.

Share Your World – December 4, 2017

22 thoughts on “Share Your World – December 4, 2017

  1. OMG your cat looks so much like “Porsche” holy crap. Porsche is a black Chantily. I never used to hate cleaning anything, I used the time to gather my thoughts, but these days, I’d have to say the tub. It hurts to do a half assed job and that’s what I can do these days as I can’t get down to actually clean it as well as I’d like. I like it to sparkle! lol


    • That is Nera, them litter sister of my cat Tabby. She left us for her 10th life 3 years ago. I can still manage the housework. I have a weekly routine to make sure it is not too much at once


  2. I love the grocery trolleys. Probably why the grocery is the only place I can shop at leisure in reasonable comfort! Which is exactly what we just did, I should add. It’s clear today, so I’m hoping to catch the last of the full moon tonight. last night, it was full cloud cover.

    BIG congratulations on the amaryllis! That is a real achievement.

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    • I never realised how good those trolleys are to lean on and they hide all,your problems. Mr. Swiss and I take turns in pushing it. I missed the full moon yesterday and today it is a cloudy evening.
      When in saw they had white ones I had to have one. It was a bulb, but had grown nicely.


  3. I have not done one of these memes yet. I will try one later, but I will do it like everyone else does it, at the meme, instead of leaving a long comment here. I do not like these questions anyway.

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    • Nera was the chief cat, the alpha animal. She was not a cuddly cat and you thought twice before giving her a cuddle. She bit me once at the vet as I was holding her for a jab and had to go to the doc for a tetanus jab myself. Mr. Swiss was the only person she allowed to touch her. Tabby was always no. 2.

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