Good Morning


It is that time of the year again when everyone decorates towards the Christmas season. It does brighten up a dull and dreary morning. I do not decorate, but prefer seeing what the others do. No more snow at the moment, perhaps later, although temperatures are now a little better with 3°C. Monday has arrived again and we survived the week-end. Time seems to go so fast as you get older.

Christmas wreath

Yesterday was the first Sunday in advent, meaning that if you happen to have a traditional Christmas wreath, you light the first candle. Every Sunday towards Christmas another candle is burning until the Christmas week-end when they are all ignited. This wreath was ours from a few years ago. Mr. Swiss found we could get a new one today in the store, so why not.

I am still planning my Christmas menus in my head. It is becoming a real battle plan, but I will eventually get there. I have already changed my mind about Christmas day, and instead of a ham it will be something with veal. The ham has been postponed to Boxing Day because it keeps longer when all the stores are shut over the Christmas holidays.

Christmas 2016 (4)

The Christmas trees are also waiting for the customers at the local store. My first family Christmas in Switzerland was 48 years ago and then you only put the tree up on Chrismas Eve in the afternoon. The kids were shut out of the room and the adults did it all with the decorations and putting the gifts around the tree.. It was tradition that afterwards the kids were allowed to see it all, being told that the Christmas child had paid a visit and did it all by himself.

I suppose we all have our Christmas traditions. In England you only had the big deal on Christmas Day and would wake up on Christmas morning to find all the gifts on your bed because Santa had a drive past with his reindeer during the night. I would wake up extra early for that one, and I am not really sure if mum and dad appreciated that part of it all. My bed was afterwards littered with Christmas wrapping paper, empty boxes and I was already munching Christmas chocolates before breakfast.  They are the times when perhaps I can get a little nostalgic.

Have a good day everyone, it is only Monday once a week, so let’s bring it behind us.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (2)

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

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  2. Yes I remember that. Leaving a hot drink and a biscuit out for Father Christmas before bed, shouting your wish up the chimney and waking up to find the presents at the end of the bed. For the past couple of years i’ve spent Christmas Eve with friends, a family with two children. Dad is Canadian with German parents so they celebrate on Christmas Eve as you do in Switzerland. It’s nice to experience someone else’s tradition.

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    • I never got the part about leaving something out for the reindeer. Shouting up our chimney at that time would probably have caused an avalanche of soot, but the gifts were always there in the morning, and I even believed that stuff. There was once a night where I was not yet sleeping and I heard a rustling in the bedroom and voices. I then realised that Santa and his helper looked just like my mum and dad, but I never told them. I did not want to disappoint them.

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  3. We did a heavy Monday shop. It could have been worse, but we were so out of money at the end of last month, we just used up everything in the freezer and now, we were pretty much out of everything.

    I even bought four lottery tickets. I know we won’t win, but it gives me a few days of dreaming what I would do with 300 million dollars. I need some dreams.

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    • We go three times a week shopping for the food and Mr. Swiss goes in between for bits and pieces. I even look forward getting out as I have become homebound.
      I used to do the lottery every week, but since I stopped I have saved more money than I ever spent on it.


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