One Word Photo Challenge: Llama

Llamas in Welschenrohr

You have llamas in Switzerland? Yes of course we do, although not as many as cows. I am not sure how friendly they are, but now and again you find groups of llamas parked somewhere on a meadow. They are patiently waiting for a walk. They are quite hardy animals and are at home on slopes which is the main reason we have llamas in our country of mountains and hills. Apparently if you want to go for a walk, then take a llama with you. They can be handy for carrying the rucksack and other items you take with you. They seem to enjoy a good walk, even if it goes up and down.

One Word Photo Challenge: Llama

9 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Llama

  1. Goodness! It looks like an angry deer. So many of my neighbors have them because they were trendy a few years ago, but no one can tell me why they are any better at clearing vegetation than goats are. In fact, they need to be fed special food! What good is that?

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  2. Hello Friend. DO not trust a llama. My grandfather was hired by a wealthy landowner after he retired from farming. The landowner had a stable of horses, donkeys, other animals. He also got a llama to show off. The landowner had a man who was an executive of his company living in a large house also on the “ranch” property. One day my grandfather was asked to accompany the man and his son to the pasture where the llama was so the man could show it off to his young son. The llama approached them and when the man did not give it food the llama spit in the man’s face so he couldn’t see well and attacked. The man got two broken arms almost instantly defending himself and his son. My 70 year old grandfather saved them, he had been telling them the creature was dangerous. As soon as it attacked he grabbed the large wrench he had brought and laid that llama out flat. A large heavy wrench swung by a man who spent his life around large animals including many an angry bull can stop a llama fast. They had the llama removed that day. Grandfather never would tell me what happened to it. So please if you see one do not trust it or get close to it. Hugs

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    • That is why they are usually fenced in. I have seen them walking with their owners, but always on a lead. We have had programmes about the new llama idea on the TV and they say the same. They do spit, like camels, and you have to be careful with them. The people that own them have them under control. They are not pets, but have their own way of life and that should be respected.

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