Good Morning

Magpie 01.12 (3)

The early bird catches the worm they say, but this magpie decided to stay on the tree and not dig for worms in the snow. I took this photo yesterday as this morning it is grey and cold with a remaining layer of snow from yesterday. This morning we spread the bread remains and the crows and magpies have had their breakfast and now I am having mine. I am tealess at the moment. I finished my english breakfast tea and also my Lady Grey so the tins are empty. I also forgot to get my peppermint tea in the supermarket. I found a box of camomille tea bags on the shelf, so am making do with that. Not my favourite, and I only have it for midicinal purposes, so I suppose it cannot do any harm. I do not drink coffee as it does not like me. What a miserable way to start the day without a cup of english breakfast.

Birdhouse 01.12 (3)

There was quite a coming and going at the birdhouse yesterday, but as our blind was frozen to the ledge I had to wait for photos until later when the sun’s warmth managed to thaw it out. A great tit was suspended on a food parcel. Otherwise I must have had at least 20 sparrows pecking the seeds on the ground that had fallen from the birdhouse. I wanted to take a photo but they are publicity shy it seems, and they flew away.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (4)

We eventually made our way to the supermarket yesterday morning, defying the snow covered roads. It was not as bad as it could be as the local authorities had been at work getting the roads in a suitable condition. They spread salt on the icy surfaces and the main road was clear. It was just a few patches on side roads that were a bit dodgy, but we arrived safely.


Guess where I was in the late afternoon? Yes, a visit to Heidi, my hairdresser, was on the programme. I had a late appointment and she had kindly offered to drive me home afterwards as I would be the last customer of the day. She is my neighbour from over the road. Mr. Swiss dropped me off in town. As you can see from the snippets of hair, my colour is naturally grey with some remains of black in between, but not many. After the operation Heidi drove to the door of the saloon to pick me up and even accompanied me to the entrance of our appartment block when we arrived home. It was still quite icy on the side paths and I was glad for her support.

Today I have no excitement planned. Mr. Swiss will go into town for a few bits and pieces, including tea. I will be a stay-at-home housewife and have some ironing to do. I usually tune up my radio whilst ironing, listening either to the LBC station (London’s Leading Conversation) or a jazz sender from Canada, Jazz 24. My iPad is very versatile.

I will leave you with a frosty view of the roads. The trees can be very pretty in Winter. Have a good day, be careful of the ice and snow if you have any, and beware of sunburn if you happen to live down-under.  What a funny world we live in. And stay tuned to WP, I will be back later.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (18)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

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  2. Lovely…. I had my hair cut 1 week ago. It was shortened 20cm down the back but only 8-10cm on the side and front. Very grey…white too! 15 snow flakes on Thurs eve and early Fri… now Novembery meteo. Best to stay inside. Edinburgh share my Clipper Earl Grey with you but you don’t like it 🙄🍵 have a bicki instead 🍪

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    • My hair is short, about 3-4 cm when cut. Gives me less problems and stays tidy. Not snowing at the moment, but more to come. No, earl Grey is not my thing, although I don’t mind Lady Grey.


  3. I love when the trees are coated like that. We usually see that in the early morning, before the sun comes up and melts it. Unless it is REALLY cold — then it just stays there and the limbs start to break off of the trees. I like it better when it melts.

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    • I took the frosty tree photos around 10.00 am. During the day it desappears. Tomorrow it will be a misty day according to the forecast, but still very cold.


    • It’s funny how some photos are perfect and others not so much. There are so many factors that influence the photo. The light was just right for that photo I think.


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