Good Morning

Back Garden in Snow

Now the weather gods are overdoing it. Yesterday there was the first snow fall, it spent a while here and had gone after an hour. This morning when I raised the blinds I almost needed my snow glasses. Everything was covered in the stuff, it must have been snowing almost all night. Not only that, but it is cold. Temperatures are below freezing,  0°C, and so it ist not melting. Mr. Swiss noticed that one of our blinds is frozen to the outside ledge, which means permanently closed at the moment. We will be patient and wait until it thaws out on its own. It is the window where I have my plants, so important that they have light. Mr. Swiss discovered that we can open the slits in the blinds.

I read the local news on my iPad this morning and saw that there had already been an accident on the nearbye motorway involving many cars. It is early in the morning, freezing temperatures and ice, and drivers perhaps not being as careful as they should be. We are so glad that we can plan our time this morning, as Mr. Swiss said he definitely does not want to drive at the moment.

We will be going to the store this morning, but in a couple of hours, and we are hoping that be then it might be a little better. At least I might be able to take some interesting photos of the snowly landscape on the way.

Amaryllis 30.11 (1)

My white amaryllis has now opened completely. It is smaller that the colourful ones, but I find the flower a better quality: not just plain petals but filled.

It’s times like this when I wonder why I moved to Switzerland and in the bargain, married a Swiss, to live in a country under permanent snow and ice in Winter. I have now dug out my winter boots so I am hoping to be prepared for everything.

Front Garden in snow

There was a guy driving around with a snow plough fixed onto the front of his car this morning cleaning the paths in our area.

And now I am on my way with my cleaning programme in the apartment, nothing spectacular to say today, I am still recovering from the snow and ice shock outside. The shopping list is made and we will battle our way through the snow covered roads to be able to have enough provisions at home to survive. I do not think that anyone will be going anywhere this week-end, unless the sun decides to appear and we have a snow and ice melt.


Even our cat’s bowl of water was frozen solid this moring.

Enjoy the day and beware of the ice and snow.


17 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It is co!d here. The furnace came on this morning. It feels like snow but so far it hasn’t arrived. Today is shopping for groceries, but we will send the caregiver for them I am not sure g enough to do the shopping. Need to make a list.

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  2. It has been warm here. Not just here, but all the way to Chicago and up through Canada, too … but in Alberta, there has been heavy snow. You never know about how much snow we will get. One year, we didn’t get a single flake until the last week of January. Then we got 12 feet and sub-zero temperatures for the next six weeks. So we don’t think winter is over until the leaves come out.

    I am grateful we aren’t snowing yet. We always get snow, but when is a good question.

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    • We always get the preliminaries at this time of the year but I remember the real stuff falling after the Christmas holidays when we had to return to work. It is very cold at the moment, but if the sun arrives, it melts it a little. Yesterday when went to the store, the roads had been salted and were quite clear. Only on a couple of side roads there were a few dodgy patches.. it’s the same everywhere in Switzerland except for the Italian speaking part in the south. They have the milder weather.


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