Daily Prompt: A sparkling Christmas

Supermarket Christmas

We ar heading for that time again, you know when everything is full of sparkle, even the supermarket, yes, it is christmas again, but when did it begin and when will it stop? Officially it is at the end of December, but as December approaches we do not want to be late and miss something, so the sparkle of the decorations appears already in November, although the construction of the Chrismas tent begins already in October, we do not want to be late now do we.

Of course for a complete Christmas planning to make sure nothing is forgotten, it is advisable to begin to make your list for christmas prensents some time in August, just to be sure. On the other hand it can be expensive, so perhaps let us leave it until Black Friday, the Friday after thanksgiving in the States. You will definitely find a bargain, perhaps half price. There is a stampede where you are in competition with the others, but if you queue up during the night you will be one of the first in the store when it opens on Friday morning: oh the joys of Christmas.

“What are we having for the Chrismas dinner this year?”

“I have no idea, what do you want?”

“Something good of course.”

It is so easy as a housewife to fulfil the wishes of the family. “Something good” means nothing at all, but do not disappoint. Why is it that year for year everything has to be good. It has to be unforgettable, and perfect. And don’t forget the decorations. A silver star or two or three, garlands of artificial holly and the centre piece, the Christmas tree. Of course the tree must be a work of art, better than last year’s. You dive into the cellar and find the box with the delicate glass balls. It is then that you notice the box is half empty because there were glass balls that did not survive last year. Another item for the list. The christmas lights are also ready, but again, half of them are not working and when you endeavour to buy replacements, you notice that the store no longer sells that special brand and you have to buy new lights. The tree itself is plastic. Plastic trees are environment friendly of course, and can be recycled.

“I would like a real tree again this year, they have the smell of Christmas” and so you make yet another excursion to the supermarket for a new genuine tree with real needles that will eventually shed and cover the carpet.

Do not forget to wrap the gifts in Chrismas paper: of course not. You spend many “happy” hours making  boutique worthy paper arrangements, only to find that that the golden binding and paper is discarded in a crumpled heap on the floor. At the end of the Christmas evening you gather it all together and throw it into the garbage can. Perhaps that is the moment when you ask about the true meaning of Christmas. No, do not ask, just do it because everyone else does it.

And as you fall asleep in the armchair next to a wilting Christmas tree, with your feet buried in the wrappings of Christmas, you are glad that it is all over, although not quite. If you really do it properly, your home says only goodbye to the sparkles of the Christmas season on 6th January.

You know what, I am glad when it is over.

Santa in Migros
Daily Prompt: A sparkling Christmas

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: A sparkling Christmas

  1. I buy bags for gifts. Add a bow and a little label and voila! I have NO idea what I’m cooking this year. None at all. Maybe I’ll make a stew. Everyone likes that. Now I have to check around and even figure out who is showing up. Oh bother.

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    • Christmas gifts no longer exist in our family. We do not give and do not want to be given, but of course will make an exeption for the new arrival in the family, although at 3 months he does not yet get the idea. If necessary we buy something for ourself. Food: I will probably be cooking something that I do not usually cook, but no big 5 star menus where I sweat for hours in the kitchen.


  2. My birthday is 7 January. I remember so many years my mom would forget to bake a cake or get presents for me. “I’m so sick of the holidays by then,” she’d say. Every few years, guilt would descend, and I’d get something AWESOME for my birthday. And, since I don’t like cake, I didn’t really care if that was missing. We don’t celebrate Drie Konigs Tag, but I loved it when I had something like a family in Zürich. 🙂

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    • My birthday being on 6th December it was never forgotten. Mum would make a point of putting up the Christmas decorations already at the beginning of December. I did not have any brothers or sisters. Mum never made a cake, which was just as well, because she thought she could cook, but she couldn’t. Drei Königs is not exactly something to celebrate, but we do get a good special cake from the supermarket.

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