Good Morning

Snow in the garden

Look what is happening in my little part of the world. Yes, it began to snow about an hour ago. The ground is cold so now it will probably remain with us today. How glad I am that I do not have to go anywhere in particular. We are stocked up with enough food until tomorrow, so we will not starve. Even my birds have enough to eat. We dragged another 5 Kg bag of food home for them yesterday. Am I glad that I no longer have to go to a workplace.

Rosemary in snow

My rosemary is now completely covered in the white stuff.

Yesterday I eventually did it. I ordered my new iPhone X. The delivery date is about 2 weeks, although the guy at the store said they no longer have such long waiting times. Why does a golden oldie do such weird stuff? Little things please little minds and I love learning all this modern stuff. Now I just have to look at my new phone to switch it on it seems. Mr. Swiss muttered something about an iTunes backup to prepare for the installation of my new phone, so I will gladly let him do the necessary. He left me on my own with the guy in the store and took a walkabout around the mall and I began to get confused. I was being asked all sorts of questions about our phone supplier, whether we have this or that. I had to call Mr. Swiss to help me out. There are some things that are just a little above my head and all in Swiss German. Of course I understand the language, but sometimes it gets a little complicated.

The next big arrival on my list will be my wheelchair which means a lot to me. I can walk, although need support with my cane. Since my two falls outside I have become very uncertain. My left leg decides to separate itself from my body without telling me about it first and suddenly you are down without a possibility of standing up again independently. Mr. Swiss is nervous about letting me into the garden, and to be quite honest so am I. I am now suffering from cabin fever. At home there are no large spaces to get lost in, but outside it is a different problem. Going to the supermarket gets me out of the house and I have a trolley to hang onto, but taking walks with my camera no longer comes into the question.  A zimmer frame could also be a solution, but not for me. I want my independence and I do not want to have to rely on others. Taking photos with a zimmer frame for support is not ideal for me, so I go the whole hog. I can now change lens in comfort without searching for a bench and I can also take my extra lens with me.

It seems Mr. Trump (President – no I do not think so, you have to deserve that title) has put his big foot in it again with a Tweet, and is now telling GB to solve its problems. There is a pending invitation for this idiot to visit Britain, but nothing has been arranged up to now.

And now to my little world. I will be pottering around, might clean a few windows for the lack of something more intelligent to do. I leave you with a photo taken by me from the car, of our local mountain Weissenstein, this time in the snow.

Jura 29.11 (12)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Snow is pretty . . . in your pictures. I am glad it is not here. I grew up without it, and only saw it on the mountains above my home. I was so thrilled when I saw it actually falling from the sky in Oklahoma. After a few days, it was still there, but it wasn’t so white and pretty anymore. It was mucky and everywhere, and really showed me why people who live with it dislike it. California has some of the driest deserts in the world, and also gets the heaviest snowfall in America.

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    • In London I also grew up without it, only as an exception. In Switzerland it is the normal course of Winter. However, I must say that the Swiss are well organised. The snow lays thick and heavy in the early morning but by lunch time most of it is cleared away on the road surfaces You just have to be careful when walking in it as it has hidden slides. It also gets very dirty here, especially at the edges of the roads. If we get a lot we have trucks that collect it and tip it into the river.

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      • Oklahoma City got rid of their snow very efficiently too, but we were not in an area where the snow got cleared. Besides, by their standards, it was just a ‘light’ snow that did not need to be cleared. They drove in it like it was no big deal. ick.

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    • Yes, I read good reviews about that camera. Today Mr. Swiss did a backup of my phone on a cloud to make sure all my data would be transferred easily which was a good idea, as I had to correct something. Now it is ready to go. I like using my phone camera for quick uploads to my blogging site, as it works automatically through Flickr. My present iPhone is only model 6 with 16 gb. The new one is has the biggest capacity, something with 200. I am looking forward to it.


  2. I have trouble getting warm and sentimental about snow. I dread it. I woke up this morning and I had no arms — both were sound asleep, as was my right leg. I had to sit on the edge of the bed for a full fifteen minutes before all the various parts remembered to rejoin the rest of me. Snow to me just looks slippery.

    Today is Garry’s day for doctors. Ears. Trying to see if surgery might return enough hearing to give him a better chance at a normal life. But it’s serious surgery, so there’s a big question mark about it, too. No hearing is hard for him and for me … but the surgery isn’t easy either. I guess we’ll know more soon.

    Hugs in your snowy world!

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    • I have almost permanent pins and needles in my feet, one of the mistakes of my diagnosis. It was the neurologist that told me it has nothing to do with my diabetes and examined me for MS. Sometimes I sleep on a hand which is not good as I need time to get my fingers moving again. Snow is OK if you do not have to walk on it.
      I hope things go well for Garry. Medicine is making constant progress and hopefully they can do something for him. Mr. Swiss has two important visits to the doc before Christmas. He refuses to have a back operation, which is not really advisable. However, it can be done with two injections into the vertebra, or something like that. He has back pains because the bones no longer have room in between and apparently the injection does the trick. At the moment we take turns to push the trolley in the supermarket for support, but I can always use my stick.


    • Oh yes, we already see the ground. Beneath this ground is our park garage so the earth remains warmer, although when the real winter sets in, we have about half a meter of snow and it can stay until end January. Not all winters are the same.


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