Daily Prompt: Welcome to the computer zoo

Windows Update

I suppose it is my own fault, I have too many animals in my zoo. Most of the time they are sleeping. They breathe when you connect them to the electricity. I am looking at the window at the moment and what do I see. the animal is awakening, being fed with a new food called Windows 10 creator, because it is Fall, although I was sure it is now winter. It had this food once before. It digested it and it kept it inside its entrails, I did have a quick look to see if it was full of beneficial vitamins, we wll want our computers to thrive, grow and go places, perhaps even multiply.  I decided that creator was not my thing and so I kept it in a cage, never unleashed.

Today they are doing it again. It has given birth to part 2, another extension to the zoo. I can now have 3d animals in my world. Do not want them and have enough with the 3d animals in my real world. I can even animate them. There are many animals, known as politicians, which had better not been animated, so let sleeping animals lie, cannot use them. I have new emojis, emojis. Do I have room for them, what do they eat, and are they those silly things that are used for decorations. I have a smiley, who needs more. Oh, I have just seen you only get them with a US keyboard. We Brits again go home empty keyboarded, but who cares. My computer is now breathing quite regularly, taking deep breaths. I think it has an asthma attack, only another 10% to go, on the second installation.

I can now pin my new animal contacts to the task bar. It is a small task bar, I hope they have room. My animals will talk to me through Skype. Unfortunately I am not a follower of Skype. There was a time when Skype had its own cage, but I realised there were too many unknown animals prowling around, the call of the wild. I cast them out into the wilderness.

I can pin sites I use frequently: been there and done that without this new update in my zoo. I can now talk instead of type. I talk enough when I am not on the computer. They are all glad when I am quiet. Another animal I will not be needing. I can fix a letter without starting over – do what? Oh, I need a digital pen, never had one and never wanted one.

It is now closing time at the Winows zoo, I have seen all I want to see. I have got a delivery of many new animals, but I will not be taking them for walks. They will stay in their cages and sleep. In the meanwhile there is a new start. If I no longer appear today, you know the animals have eaten me.

Windows update

“The update for Windows 10 is being configured – 100% completed – do not swich off the computer”

Daily Prompt: Welcome to the computer zoo

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Welcome to the computer zoo

  1. I got that update a couple of weeks ago. It turned out, aside from the useless contacts item on the taskbar, you can now make emojis using the “windows” key and pressing the “Period.” Otherwise, I haven’t found anything useful about it … or even different. But the emojis are cute.

    I don’t like Skype either.

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    • We only got the update today. I can really not use anything on it. I let it run whilst I was working on my Apple computer. I saw the emojis are combined with the windows key, but I have a german keyboard constellation and so it does not work here. I use the Facebook messenger. I had Skype but no-one I knew used it. I only know my new grandson up to now via the messenger.


  2. Mine came over the weekend — every time they update, I have issues for about 24 hours, call my neighbor for help, spend several hours diagnosing, and it then corrects itself! Once that happens, I go back to happily using the features I’ve always used. But a Microsoft computer doesn’t belong to the user — it belongs to Microsoft! I wish they’d leave it alone!

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  3. I”m not sure if I have had this update or not. It doesn’t sound like anything I’d find useful except perhaps the emojis. My desktop computer has Windows 7 so that at least has not been disturbed . It is nearly 7 years old so it has it’s own issues to deal with. Like all of us it is slowing down with age but i try to keep it in good shape.

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    • It is a windows 10 create update which I find useless. Inam sure it is just a weak effort from Windows tomshow thwy are doing something. I certainly do not need 3-D photos or direct connections to online colleagues. It Is an alibi exercise.


    • I have both Apple and windows. Even apple had an important update this week, but just a small one. Windows seem to be constantly bringing something new that no-one really needs or wants.

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