11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 28.11.2017 Orchid

        • Tell me about it. I have two growing at the moment from two pits. One is three years old and quite tall and the other only two years old. They make leaves and even branch out, but no sign of fruit. Am I doing something wrong, or do they feel uncomfortable in Switzerland. I also have two pits in a egg cup in water waiting to make a root.

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          • Goodness! I just can’t get the last word in.
            You are not doing anything wrong, they just need mature before they bloom, and they may never bloom as houseplants. Even if they do bloom, they need to be pollinated by another tree that happens to be blooming at the same time. They are nice houseplants, but probably will not make fruit. Nursery grown trees are grafted, both to get a known cultivar, and also to get mature growth. The scions are taken from ‘adult’ growth rather than juvenile growth.

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