Daily Prompt: The Two Ways of a One-way

River Aare 11.06 (1)

Everything that goes up must come down again, whether, animal, vegetable or mineral. Anyone can go up, just put one foot in front of the other and with each step you get higher. They you must come down again. That is not so easy. I hold the record of descending Swiss paths by sitting on them and sort of moving slowly downwards on a tender part of my anatomy. Of course this happens only on the hidden paths which are only frequented by the experts. My family are all experts. Even my 8-10 year old sons could do it. We reached the top,  exhausted and spent time relaxing and enjoying the view.

Eventually we had to go down again and they all ran off because it was easy and quick to go downwards. Only I was left trying to put one foot in front of the other but realising it was not as easy as it looked. I had wobbly legs, my feet were no longer attached to where they should be. And so I thought about it, sat down and was away, slowly but surely.

Directions confuse me now and again: not exactly in the wrong direction in a one-way street, but almost. I acually had my first driving lessons in London, but gave up. It was not my thing. 20 years later I tried again, but in Switzerland. It was more logical. They had the steering wheel on the lefthand side of the car instead of right. The gear levers were on the right and I am right-handed, everything was organised logically. Even the roads were positioned to match. I passed my test after about 90 lessons, but I only took the driving test once. My driving instructor did warn me now and again that we are not in England and driving on the lefthand side of the road is not advisable. That was when he got quite nervous.

And now I will go as it might be that another daily prompt attacks me from another direction. Yesterday I actually got two, perhaps that is why we are reminded today to only write one-way.

Road to Langendorf 30.08 (3)
Daily Prompt: The Two Ways of a One-way

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Two Ways of a One-way

  1. I became a pretty good driver for quite a long time until after all the various surgeries and problems, I no longer trusted myself behind the wheel. I’m so unsteady and I make weird mental errors … and Garry’s not thrilled with doing all the driving either. Which is pretty funny because for YEARS he would never let me drive if he was in the car. Now, I think he’d do anything if only I’d take over the wheel!

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    • I was never a good driver, but I managed for almost 30 years back and forth to work and even a couple of trips up to the Bernese Overland. I could change gears and do all the technical stuff, I just wasn’t so good at steering and got a bit confused with right and left sometimes. I realise today it was all part of my MS, which was only discovered a couple of years ago. My neurologist and doc both said I should continue to drive, they both support me etc. etc. I am glad when I do not have to drive For a while I tried it again, but decided that sitting next to Mr. Swiss with his good advice, was more a problem than driving, so I gave it up again. If necessary I can do it. Mr. Swiss is still a good driver so why should I bother.


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