Good Morning


If you have a blank in your head about where to start the day on the computer, then look at the sky, it always has something to say. This morning it looked very grey and boring until I took a step (a wobbly step) outside with my phone camera. Yes, there was something happeining towards the south. The golden sun was rising over the Bernese Overland, although the mountains were still hidden. Will it be a sunny day or will the sun again disappear? Temperatures are around freezing, although there is no frost and I have about 20 birds sitting in the trees opposite. The crows and magpies have been fed with the bread remainders and the others are having breakfast at the birdhouse.

Snow 26.11 (2)

Look what happened yesterday in the morning. It began with a few white pieces in the air and sudenly it was tumbling down. Yes, our first snow of the Winter, although no panic. After a quarter of an hour it was gone and left no traces, but I managed to capture the moment on the camera. The weather gods have predicted more, but at the moment everything is under control.

I hated the snow when I was a working woman. It is very pretty to see, but driving to work on icy snow clogged roads was not funny. I would arrive in the office bathed in sweat: even the icy temperatures had no effect on me. The first obstacle was driving out of the garage on a steep slope. It could be that you did not make it. The tyres were turning, but the car was not moving. Eventually you just hoped and you arrived on the road, skidding in various directions until the car had its nose in the right place. Now was the exciting part, getting onto the main road. You sleeked along slowly applying a high gear, apparently that was the way to do it. You prayed that the traffic lights would still be green when you arrived, but that was wishful thinking and so you slowed down hoping the car would stop in the right place at the right time. Now the fun began, the lights turned green and you could drive on, providing that the tyres did not stay frozen in a patch of ice.  Three times giving gentle gas and you were on your way again, creeping behind the others on the road. Oh, the joys of Winter. Thanks goodness for retirement. We can now leave later when the big freeze has improved. Early morning work leaving at 7.00 a.m in the morning was never ideal.

Birdhouse 26.11 (4)

There was quite a busy coming and going at the birdhouse yesterday. Word has spread that there is always a supply of fresh seeds at the Angloswiss bird canteen. This is only the top floor. There were at least 10 sparrows sitting on the ground pecking the bits and pieces that fell. I wanted to take a photo, but it is difficult. They fly away at the least movement behind the window. There is one particular bird that I have not yet identified, but it is probably some sort of tit, and I think it might be a so-called coal tit.

Birdhouse 26.11 (15)

I managed to get this shot of it on the ground beneath the birdhouse, with a trophy in its beak.

And now to go places and do things. It is shopping day again today, where they let me out on a safari to the supermarket. I trust you all have a good day, Mondays are always so exciting, you never know what a wonderful carefree week you will have ahead of you.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. One of the truly magical things about retirement is letting “it” go until the plows have cleared the roads … and our driveway. AND having a 4-wheel care in which to do it. No snow here yet, but it has been snowing in the mountains, so it could drop by here anytime. But not too soon, please.

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    • Retirement means no more have to, but just want to. Switzerland is geared to clearing the roads in winter and luckily we never have to wait long. In my working days I had not choice, and neither did Mr. Swiss. We had to get out in the morning cold weather to get to work on time. There is plenty of snow in the heights now, but not so much in the lowlands.


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