10 thoughts on “Weather: Cold

    • It’s never boring, especially in Winter when the roads have an icy surface and just putting your foot on the brake in the car sends you into a spin on the road, or you sail on regardless of whether you actually wanted to stop or not. I had to learn how to do that properly, high gears and low speeds and never ever brake, it is forbidden. With luck you will arrive home safely, although still shaking from the snow effect.

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      • When we were in Oklahoma, it snowed lightly. I thought it was pretty at first, but then it did not go away. It just stayed and got dirty. It got tracked into the house and was just a wet and cold mess. After a few days, I could understand why people dislike it. We left before the real weather moved in.

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        • Today we had our first snowfall of the season. As it is Sunday it didn’t bother us as we were going nowhere. It was very pretty, I took a few photos, and luckily the ground was too warm for it to stay. However, according to the weather report, it will be the shape of things to come.

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          • We are getting some of our first light rain right now. We got some a bit earlier, just enough to dampen things. Once dampened, they do not dry out too fast this time of year. We are in a very different climate from the chaparral only a few miles away.

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