One Word Photo Challenge: Lizard


In February 2008 I dragged Mr. Swiss to a reptile exhibition in the town of Biel, Switzerland, a 20 minute drive from where we live because there was a reptile exhibition. My only purpose was to take photos.  They had everything from snakes to tortoise and of course lizards. In between there were also a few spiders, quite big ones.  Unfortunately they were all in cages, which meant there was glass between my camera lens and the actual animal.

One Word Photo Challenge: Lizard

3 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Lizard

  1. Never will I go to such an exhibition again! The last time my son (he was about 10 then, I think) bought – without us knowing – 5 mice from the snake seller and was sitting in our car with them in a little cardboard box. They were busy nibbling their way through the cardboard. They would have run wild in the car by the time we’d have arrived home after an hour’s drive and there was also nothing was waiting for them at home – no place, no cage, no food. I had to take them back (yes, there were tears).

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    • The only living animals my stepson brought home were those big fat worms in a jar for fishing. The shock was when I found them in the fridge. Apparently you have to keep them fresh. How can anyone sell such disgusting insects.

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