Good Morning

Back Garden

It is a dismal morning today. We have more than 50 shades of grey and everything is wet. The rains arrived in the night and are still here, but I suppose we should be glad that we have rain. Our back garden is still waiting for the final touches from the gardiners. There are still tiles to be replaced, but they are all too big and must be cut down to size, so it will be another week. Mr. Swiss said we can then replace our carpet. I had forgotten that we had one, but we have a small carpet for the entrance somewhere. It seems the builders managed to destroy one garden completely and it even sank. They have been working on it with bulldozers and mechanical shovels all week, as well as bringing cartloads of fresh earth.

We are now glad for peace and quiet over the week-end.


The birds, usually great tits (silly name for a bird I know) are still a little nervous about visiting the birdhouse, especially when I am standing behind the window taking photos.

spotted woodpecker closeup

Some years ago we got a regular morning visit from a spotted woodpecker. It was quite a sensation and I was taken photos every time he arrived, but I have not seen one since. There was probably a nest somewhere in the forest across the road.

Clouds 24.11 (7)

Yesterday was our Friday week-end shopping trip to the supermarket, with me snapping photos from the car on the way. I noticed that the flights were quite frequent over our area and the sky was full of trails from the planes.

There was also frequent traffic in the supermarket. I cannot understand people. There was one place available to park when we arrived and were lucky that there was a young lady directing people to empty places. We got a good place to drive into, the last one. Inside the supermarket you had a feeling that famine had broken out and it was the last day of civilisation. There were kids pushing their miniature trolleys, wives and husbands, and everyone grabbing. I was lucky at the butchers counter, but perhaps because I prefer to pick and choose my meat, and not buy the prepacked plastic parcels. I like the contact with the staff, they know us and we know them: part of the extended family almost.

Of course we met a few friends in the store and exchanged our outlooks on life, but we all agreed, where do these people come from. I did not dare to venture into the electronics department which was opposite. We eventually completed our tasks and left. We had another appointment in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss had a consultation at the local hospital after lunch and I decided to accompany him, out of support, although it was not really necessary.  The poor man has back problems. The specialist made another two appointments for a magical injection which should help. At the age of 78 he does not want an operation as it could cause more problems than he already has. Our hospital is also undergoing changes and they are constructing a completely new building.

And now I have things to do and places to go – just various rooms in the appartment. What a dreary day it is, I must do something to brighten up my life, like taking the vacuum cleaner for a walk. Enjoy the day, or sleep well according to where you are in the world.

Clouds 24.11 (6)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. “Inside the supermarket you had a feeling that famine had broken out and it was the last day of civilisation”… it’s a frequent thought I have too inside supermarkets. It’s a slice of modern life which is sometimes hard to understand. Maybe it had something to do with Black Friday? It’s gotten almost everywhere in Europe as well (unfortunately.)

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  2. Did you know that I would still be up? I feel busted doing something I should not be doing, or up after my bedtime. I was asleep when you sent this, but got woken up. I will get back to sleep now.

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