4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 25.11.2017 Bromelia

    • Although this one was in the store. I had one once and kept it long after it had flowered. Eventually new shoots begin to grow and if I had had the patience I would have had four new plants, but I couldn’t be bothered.


  1. I do not get them to flower either. I get them when someone else is done with them, and by the time they put out their new pups, I divide them and give them away. They get to flower somewhere else. Hey, I just like to grow things.

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    • Same here, growing stuff is fun, especially if it works. I grew the „pups“ as you call them, bit I lost patience and couldn’t be bothered to repot them. I am so happy that my amaryllis is flowering for the second time and I have two avocados growing from pits, with two pits sitting on water.

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