Daily Prompt: It got me in its clutches

Computer Hard Drive

The computer got us all in its clutches, otherwise we would not be here to talk about it. However, there is always something that compels you for some unknown reason to do it again.

Computer Games
Working with a computer was a necessity, but when you left the office and arrived home and the daily chores like cooking and cleaning were done (sometimes you left them to the next day) then you settled down with the computer and played those games that sort of got you. There must be a place in the brain that is mysteriously linked to the hard disk of your computer, or it is perhaps just addiction. As soon as son No. 2 was in bed I would sit at the commodore and shoot down spaceships, build walls of various coloured bricks and follow Mario on his various adventures. Eventually I was retired and had nothing better to do in my golden oldie years than build a farm, a restaurant, even a city (I think it was called Yoville). Most of these places no longer exist. I even spent money on improving my chances to win – win? I won nothing, I just lost time on dithering around on the computer, but it made a gamer’s life easier. Was this really the meanig of life. Of course it wasn’t. One day I did cold turkey, let my restaurant food get spoilt, let my animals starve on the farm and Yoville was demolished in any case I heard. It is now just a computer ruin. I have never visited them since, I did a real cold turkey.

That also got me into its clutches. You could trace your beginning back in the family. The Mormons had been doing it for generations, it was part of their religion and they had everything on the computer. It was even free, It must be based on the truth, after all it was the mormons that were behind it. Ancenstry.com was a good place, although it cost money. I paid for it. I discovered genuine census documents showing my grandad’s family and I did not even know he had one. He was just a silver oldie sitting in his chair and smoking his home made cigarettes. Now and again he would read a newspaper. Who would have thought that he had a mum and dad and many sisters and brothers. They also had husbands with relations etc. etc. And so it went on, I traced 999 relations more or less on both sides of the family (mum and dad) and one day I decided it was enough.

I did not get to Adam and Eve, who I must be related to, but the records did not go back that far. They did not have computers in those days I suppose.I even had files for each part of the family and a collection of birth, marriage and death certificates. I cleared them away a few years ago when I gave up my old Windows 98 computer where I had the software. I have kept the original certificates which I got from the official birth and registry department of the British government. One day I will pass them onto my son, although they will not have a clue who these strange people were. I am not even sure myself.

No, I never got into the clutches of tablets or drugs. Of course I smoked at the age of 16 and continued on and off until I was 50. I decided it was too expensive and would rather spend my money on computer software. I rarely take medicine, unless ordered by the doc. I am on injections for my MS, but otherwise do not bother with anything. I stopped taking my statin medicine against too much cholesterol in the blood, because I got permanent problems with my digestive system. I found that one out myself and I told the doc no more.

Fishermans Friend
The harmless menthol based peppermint sweets that are so strong you have the feeling that your head is being spring cleaned every time you eat one. Of course you do not get addicted, they are just habit forming. There was a time that I would pop one into my mouth and love the cool menthol blast that whipped through my head. I loved those sweets. It was when I discovered that I had a sort of longing for that gale force menthol wind that I decided to restrict my use and allotted special times to eat one. I progressed and decided that this could almost, perhaps, be bordering on addiction. It was then that I stopped my intake. Yes, since at least 15 years I am an ex Fishermans Friend addict.

That will do for today, I do not have to confess all my clutches. And now I must really upload today’s daily prompt. You know the feeling that you have to do something, otherwise there is a void in your life. Not that I am addicted to writing daily prompts, but it just might be ……. oh well, you know what I mean.

Daily Prompt: It got me in its clutches

Good Morning


This morning I beat Mr. Swiss to it. When I pulled up the blinds  after I stopped hugging my bed, I noticed that we had another brilliant sunrise. I jumped at the chance, pulled the curtains and opened the window (in minus temperatures) and took a photo whilst the going was good. By the time I reached the kitchen on the other side of the apartment, the sunrise had already melted into nothing, just a few boring normal clouds.

Migros Supermarket Langendorf

It will be another fun-packed excursion to the supermarket today to re-inforce the food supplies for the week-end. I composed my online cloud list yesterday evening and gave it to Mr. Swiss for approval and complements. He had nothing to add, although we will be adding continuously until we arrived. It was just food, although we are missing out on something.

Today is Black Friday, one of the imports from across the pond to Switzerland. With only eight million inhabitants in our little country it might be a bit too much to handle for us. Forget it. I read in an online announcement from a daily paper that the majority of the Swiss are determined to spend at least 300 Swiss francs on this black day. I am not one of those. I have even saved money but not buying anything in particular, just food.

Our local chain store supermarket, known as Migros, have announced that we will be showered with special offers in the elctronics department. I can already see the happy shoppers with television sets in their trolleys, the golden oldies proud of their new computers, which are probably not so new, but if its got a mouse and you can go surfing in Facebook and googler, then it is a bargain.

I still have not worked out why we need a Black Friday in Switzerland. We do not celebrate Thanksgiving to follow it up with a black Friday. The swiss turkeys are already worrying as they are sure they will be targeted next year for Thanksgiving, although Switzerland was not colonised: it was just there filling up a small space in Europe.


The skies over Switzerland seem to be darkening at the moment.

Switzerland is not actually in the EU collection of states, we voted against it democratically. However the chief of the EU, Jean-Claude Junker, has been visiting our country and Switzerland’s President, Doris Leuthard, has had discussions. The result is that Switzerland have agreed to give/donate  1,3 billion Swiss Francs to the European Union “to stablize its messy ties with Brussels”. I was not aware that we had messy ties, for me it is quite clear that we do not belong and I am not sorry about it. I always thought we had a direct democracy, but it seems not really, it just sounds good. My son lived and worked in Brussels for 3 years and the only mess was the fat from the french fries, which is a stable part of the Belgian diet it seems.

And now to move on, there are places to go and things to be seen, and money to spend in the store. I noticed there is a special offer of lamb filet which I like to chop to small pieces and cook in one of my prize crowned sauces garnished with herbs from the garden and cooked with plenty of garlic. Lamb without garlic is not worth being called lamb.

I am on my way with various cleaning implements in the appartment. Enjoy the day if it is possible and I will spare a thought for all the victims of Black Friday. I will be taking my various credit cards with me to the supermarket, you never know.

Clouds 22.11 (10)