Daily Prompt: They are amongst us

Baby White Belly Hedgehogs - 3 days old

“Well they certainly look strange.”

“They are newborn.”

“You mean there will be more.”

“It’s all top secret at the moment. We don’t want everyone to know, otherwise a panic might break out.”

“But I know.”

“Of course you know, you work in the department. It happened after the creation of our new weapon. We just tried it out and then they arrived. The chief said to keep them nice and warm, to make sure they survive.”

“They move, I think they are breathing. Perhaps there are more of them.”

“They are everywhere. People are calling all the time asking us to collect them.”

“But they look quite harmless.”

“That’s what they said about the Jabberwocks, not to mention the Triffids. Remember the gremlins?”

“Now that was a really a problem. They were so sweet at the beginning and then they began to eat the triffids.”

“Which was what we wanted. The problems began when the Jabberwocks discovered the triffids were tasty and began to eat them. The triffids and the gremlins eventually disappeared.”

“That was a good thing, no-one really wanted a triffid or a gremlin.”

“Of course not, but what are we going to do with the Jabberwocks. They are bigger than us, and are quite slimy.”

“We were hoping that they might develop a taste for Jabberwocks..”

“Did it work?”

“Not really. They mated and now we have large pink spiky jabberwocks.”

“So it would perhaps be better to kill them.”

“That is a bit difficult, we might kill the wrong one. One of them absorbed the prime minister last week, and they told us that they cannot find the president of the States. They seem to have developed a taste for power.”

“And they look so small and innocent as babies.”

“It is now feeding time.”

“What do they eat?”

“They don’t really eat, they absorb. Just don’t get to near to them when they are hungry.”

“Whose that strange guy over there with the pink spikes instead of hair.?”

“That’s the new boss, the last one had an accident. He fell into the nest.”

They are amongst us

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: They are amongst us

  1. Pat, you have been dreaming again. But what dreams! Was it something you ate? It’s nice to be back after such a long time but at least I published two more books and have two more coming out before Christmas. Ciao. Anton

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was really glad to see my blogging friend return. I see you have been busy. I always enjoy reading your contributions. I just like to let my imagination take a walk now and again, although it seems to take me for a walk.


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