Photo Challenge: Transformation

Lawn rolls

The quick way in how to transform earth into a ready made lawn. It is like laying a new carpet in the home. Just grow the grass in lengths and put it on the bare earth. The roots and the water do the rest. Why bother with sewing seeds that might or might not grow. All it needs is meter length of lawn.

Photo Challenge: Transformation

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Transformation

  1. The hard part is to prepare the ground first. You have to carefully remove any existing grasses and weeds and smooth / shape the earth the way you want the lawn to look. Best to hire young to do that and supervise. Hugs


    • Unfortunately the builders trampled it to death. The gardiner ordained by the building consortium found it is not so bad and can fill in the gaps with grass seed. I am not so happy as grass seed does not grow in below zero temperatures. The garden now resembles Boot Hill without the graves


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