Good Morning


You never know what will meet you when you stop hugging the bed in the morning. I am usually happy to see that I can actually leave the bed in one piece, although I have to have a couple of tries before actually standing. I grope for my stick which spends the night next to the bed and realise I am still in one piece. It is a small step for mankind, but a major step for me as I make my way to the kitchen. I take my mobile phone with me, and take a step outside for the morning photo.

This morning it was rewarding as the sun was already on its way, casting a few reflections.


There was a blackbird perched in my apple tree opposite, but he was more interested in what the gardiners were doing. They had parked their van on the path and I can here the sound of shovels somewhere but not in our garden where they should be. Yesterday a beginning was made.

Renovation gardener 21.11 (2)

At last a young lady gardiner appeared with a wheelbarrow filled with gravel and where there was just the bare facts of strange colourful foam bricks, it has now been covered with a layer of stones. This is the first step to replacing the tiles, although I am not sure when the tiles will be replaced, perhaps today if we win the gardening lottery.


I had a look at my schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) this morning to see if was thinking about producing flowers. The store is full of such wonderful examples with red and pink flowers and also the white flowering variety. This will be a pink one, although at the moment it is a wonderful example of how many leaves it can produce. I kept it outside during the summer, watering and feeding regularly and it has grown strong and big, but no flowers. According to the instructions (in internet) I should now stop feeding it and let it do its own thing. However, it is doing nothing and still thinking about it. To give it credit, it was a very small cactus at the beginning, and has multiplied in leaves, but should go forth and produce flowers.

In the meanwhile the problems of the day must be solved, but a decision has been made. It will probably be hashed browns with cippolata sausages, the mini sausages and fried aubergine. I am basically the only one in the family that likes aubergine, but since I have discovered a new variety which are longer and thinner my family have developed their taste for them. I can just chop them in slices and fry them in butter. They have their own supply of juice and now my family have changed their minds about the qualities of an aubergine. We housewives must always be a step ahead in the logistics of daily life.

And so it is time to go, I cannot sit on the computer all day, there is a supermarket visit on the plan which is combined with a photographic tour in the car on the way. I will leave you with a view of our car waiting at the traffic lights captured in the mirror at the crossing, something completely different. Enjoy the day, and make the most of it. If you are in that part of the world where it is midnight, then have a good sleep.

Road to Langendorf 20.11 (23)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It was pouring rain here this morning, so I tried to pretend it was still night. It didn’t work. Tomorrow should be nice, though. It’s Thanksgiving here in the U.S., so expect a lot of us to be missing, either cooking or over someone else’s house, eating. Which would be us. We are eaters, not cookers.

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    • That is some feast you have in the states, when I read of the preparations. It is really for everyone. I would also be an eater, my problem being that everyone is too far away. I have no idea how the weather is today. In am still hugging the bed playing with my iPad and the blinds are down. Enjoy the day and the food. When I read of what everyone is preparing, it is really meal of the year.


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