Daily Prompt: Thanks for the flowers


“What a lovely flower.”

“Good morning and it’s our welcome gift on your first day at your job. I am your instructor, Mr. Geoffrey Demon. No, I wouldn’t put the flower too near the computer, we like to keep the air fresh around our electronic devices. I think the head of the department, Mr. Reaper,  explained the job.”

“Oh yes, it looks like fun. I just have to post a new challenge every day by choosing a word.”

“But you must not repeat words. That would disappoint our customers. They like things to be original.”

“That is obvious. Do I take them in alphabetic order.”

“I wouldn’t advise it, it would not be so original would it Fred?”

“Did I see that flower nod its head?”

“No, of course not, it must have been a breath of wind through the window.”

“But there are no windows.”

“Then it was probably the air conditioning system around the computer. And now I will leave you to the job.”

“And now to choose a word, there are so many. “Begin” would be a good word, today is a new begin for me in a new job. B-e-g-i-n in a new place.”

“This word is not original and has already been used. It is also a command, and we do not command. we convince.”

“Who said that? Oh it was the computer with its monotonous voice. I must try something else or do you have a suggestion.”

“The computer is allowed one suggestion, but only one. Choose eternal.”

“That’s is a strange word, but if the computer suggests it then it will be used.”

“You will use it.”

“But it is for the people writing on the challenge.”

“No,  you must write. The computer  needs an average of 100 entries per day.

“But the customers write, I just suggest the word of the day.”

“Mistake, there are no customers, just viewers to appreciate. Begin writing.”

“There is something wrong. I was given a task to complete and it would be impossible to write 100 different prompts in a day.”

“Not in a day but every day until your life finishes here.”

“My life finishes. Is this a death sentence?”

“Do not use that word. You are only passing through for a further examination. Begin to write.”

“This is strange, the orchid is also getting nearer to the computer and its pouch seems to be getting bigger. Where is the department head. Mr. Reaper, Mr. Reaper.”

“Did someone call? Oh she’s gone, another one for the next department. Fred must have absorbed her. She must have chosen the wrong word. They all choose the wrong words. Death, are you here? Send me a worker that has got used to the idea of being here for eternity. This is not a paid job with a contract. Another one for the re-incarnation.”

Daily Prompt: Thanks for the flowers

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