Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter N – Needs to start with the letter N


We began to collect nails at home. It is surprising what builders drop on the ground when they are at work. My first thought was “can I use it” and then we kept them. Those very long nails are always useful.

Noodles 08.01 (1)

And here are some noodles that I was cooking, a real action photo.

Branches by night

A night photo I once took. The flash went off automatically otherwise it would have been a very dark photo.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter N – Needs to start with the letter N

Daily Prompt: Where is the nest?

Spider 22.08 (1)

“Eeek, aaah”

“What’s happened, did you have accident?

“No, yes, kill it.”

“Kill what?”

“That spider, it is disgusting.”

“But it’s only a small spider and has now run under the cupboard. You frightened it away. What are you doing?”

“I am moving the cupboard so that you can find it and kill it.”

“No way, that cupboard is far too heavy.”

“Then help me to shift it.”

“Stop moving the cupboard, you have frightened it and it is walking across the floor.”

“I am really not interested in the path of a spider, tread on it, squash it.”

“Definitely not, and come down from that chair.”

“But it might creep onto my foot.”

“It will not creep anywhere. It is now going up the wall. What are you doing with that fly swatter?”

“I am not doing anything with the fly swatter, but you can knock it off the wall and when it arrives on the floor, squash it with the swatter. Where is it now?”

“I think it disappeared into the bathroom.”

“You will have to find it.”

“But it will do no harm in the bathroom.”

“How do you know, there might be another spider hiding there. I saw one last week, but it escaped. There might be a whole nest of spiders in the bathroom and I am not going into the bathroom to find out.”

“Ok, just stay cool, I will have a look.”

“What’s that noise?”

“No worry, I dropped a glass, but found another one to cover the spider. All I need now is a piece of paper. Look, it is now trapped beneath the glass on the piece of paper.”

“And what are you going to do with it.”

“I will now put it outside in the garden where it belongs.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s freezing cold outside and it will probably die.”

“Just a minute: I have pushed a cupboard around, jumped into the bath to eventually catch the spider because you were in a panic and now I have caught it, I am not allowed to put it outside because it might freeze to death. I thought you wanted it to go.*

“Of course I do, but not outside, that is cruel.”

“OK, no problem.”

“What are you doing.”

“I am putting it on your Palm tree in the living room.”

“But it might spin a web and live there.”

“Exactly, that is what spiders do. They spin a web to make a nest and sit in it all day long. Perhaps it might trap a fly or another insect in the web and then we kill two flies with one spider.”

“I don’t want a spider living on my palm tree.”

“Forget it, it will be able to spend a nice warm winter in our home and I am sure it will no longer take a walk across the floor.”


“I have to shift a cupboard back to the corner and afterwards sweep the glass I dropped in the bathroom.”

“You broke my tooth brush glass.”

“It slipped out of my hand, I had to use the other glass afterwards. Now leave me, I want to watch a good film on the TV.”

“Which film is that?”

“Arachniphobia. What’s the matter, come out of that broom cupboard, there might be spiders in there.”

Daily Prompt: Where is the nest?

Good Morning


Now that is what I call a sunrise. Not that wishy washy grey stuff that I have been served with lately. This one has a punch in it and even a plane is winging its way across the sky.

Aeroplane over Feldbrunnen 20.11 (1)

I actually managed to capture a Swiss flight yesterday afternoon. They are only a sort of speck at the end of a steam line, but with the zoom lens I can get a bit closer. This one was probably setting to land at Geneva Airport. We are nearer to Zürich Airport, but sort of in between the two.


The latest excitement in my life is this growth in a pot. No, it is not my first attempt to grow a triffid (they wander around to much) it is last year’s amaryllis. I know it does not look like much. I like to have an amaryllis inside in Winter, and buy a new one every year at the store. This one was a particular beauty (see photo).

Amaryllis 13.01 (1)

I decided to give it a try to make it flower again and did a search to find how to do it in internet. When the flower was finished last year, the leaves began to grow. As the weather got warmer I put it outside and now and again gave it water and fertiliser according to instructions. At the end of September the leaves died away and I was left with a pot and the amaryllis bulb tip remains.  The next step was to remove it from the pot and remove the roots. I was surprised to see how my amaryllis bulb had grown, it looked very promising. I repotted it in fresh earth and let it be for a while inside where it was warmer. In the meanwhile I had bought a second amaryllis in the store, a white one, just to be sure. The white amaryllis is now growing nicely and already has two buds. I began to water my rescue amaryllis from last year and I now have a bud appearing, so everything going well, it will flower again this year.

I was so happy because it seemed stupid to me to throw them away after they had finished flowering, just to replace them. Perhaps I now have the trick in how to do it and my apartment will be an amaryllis forest at Christmas.

Great Tit

In the meanwhile the birds have discovered that food is again available in the bird house. Yesterday morning it was just the pickings of a remainder, but we bought a mega bag yesterday, the heaviest they had, and that should last for a week perhaps. It seems the more they get, the more they eat.

Today is our lucky day. At last the gardiner is finishing our back porch by replenishing the tiles. We will soon be in fully working condition again.

It is now time to move on, there is a bathroom to be cleaned, food to cook and other little housewife hobbies to complete. The houseman has already completed the vacuum cleaner action in the living room, so what could possibly go wrong.

I will leave you with a photo of the Hasenmatt, the highest peak with the snow on top. It is also the highest place in our Kanton of Solothurn and yes, I have been up there many years ago: a bit steep but worth the view from the top. Enjoy the day, and take care of your computers. You never know if there are a few virus’s hovering around.

Road to Langendorf 20.11 (14)