Good Morning


I was taking my first morning photo from the back porch this morning and a visitor decided to intrude. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, was making an inspection tour of the territory. Luckily my cat Tabby was sleeping, otherwise there might have been problems. Roschti does not like Tabby and the feeling is mutual.

This morning it is a frosty morning, temperatures of -4° which leaves the grass with a white frosty layer in the open spaces. The gardeners have already arrived to finish the work of replacing one of the back garden that was destroyed during the building work. They should move on to us this week and return our back garden to normal, but we seem to be the forgotten ones at the moment.

Birdhouse 19.11 (1)

We have a birdfood problem at the moment. Supplies are running low and the cupboard is bare. We thought we had enough, but our birdhouse is becoming popular and word as spread. I think this great tit was sitting on the roof of the birdhouse as a lookout to tell the others when a new food shipment arrives. I emptied the box where we keep the food and there was a remainder that had fallen out of the paket. I carefully emptied it into the feeder, to make sure they had at least something until today. I now have “birdfood” at the top of my shopping list today. Mr. Swiss says I am overdoing it and they will survive without food for a few hours.

Today seems to be a typical Monday with nothing special on the programme. There will be an excursion to the supermarket  to stock up on food. I now have to plan a few meals, but have no idea what, it seems to be one big repetition.


In the meanwhile the sun has risen, so it might be a sunny day today, although it will probably remain cold. I will now embark on my exciting day. The only excitement I have had so far this morning is to open a new jam jar for my breakfast – oh what a life I lead.

You are now all a week older so make the most of this week and enjoy the day.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Working the 12 Midnight to 8:15 am shift and when I went upstairs I saw that the line for the Apple iPhone X begun around 6 am. Apple iPhone X folks are resilient because it’s snowing albeit lightly but still quite cold.
    Dedicated users.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Although I am also interested in getting the new iPhone X, can wait. Must be interesting to see how the people in New York are queuing for it just to be the first. In our little town it will be at least a week until we can order it.


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