Daily Prompt: A Sludgy Event

Wetland by the River Aar

At last the Jabberwock family found it, their ideal home.

“Jumby don’t so so much gallumphing, you ruin the structure of the wongle. Papa Jabberwock is crumbling a blong for you and your wocky sisters.”

“But Mama Wocky, I need a plonderous blong. Papa is such a conservative glangle. My last blong had no room for my slithy toves. Their gyring and gimbling used up all the sludge. Without sludge there is no flankle.”

“Jumbly stop complaining. You should look after your slithy toves better. Feed them on a good green sludge and they will be happy, otherwise they interfere with Mama Wocky when she is brandling a plongle soup. None of us like to fish pieces of slith out of our food.”

“But that was not my fault. Junior Brumble put the plings and the plongs together in the same sludge and they began to cromple together.

“Don’t blame it on your brotherwock, I heard you telling him to see what would happen if plings and plongs would mix.”

“I though they would mimsy along together Papa.”

“No slithy tove does a mimsy, it cromples. Do I have to explain the facts of a Jabberwock life to you.”

“No Papa, of course not, we have Jabberwock biology in the school. I just wanted to see it in genuine Jabberwock brilligity.”

“And now you know.”

“Perhaps I could have a bigger blong with a tove corner.”

“No, they will not live in my wongle. They flong their slith everywhere and I am continuously shlidering to keep it out of my soup.”

“OK, mum, then perhaps their own clong for them in the sludge. All my Jabberwocky kloogles have a clong for their slithy toves. Papa, build me one.”

“And who will feed them?”

“They will feed themselves, when the slith begins to shlong and glick, they will hond and hind, the food takes care of itself.”

“But they will chingle afterwards, what a mess.”

“No, mamma Wocky, I am sure that Junior Brumble will take them for a slithy chongle in the flatsch and the chingle will stay outside. Slithy Toves are very clean, especially when they can gyre and gimble in the wab.”

“I am not walking with Slithy toves, they smell and slongle.”

“But Junior Brumble I though you liked them.”

“I did before they began to cromple. It all began with two and now we have 200. They squelch everywhere and gyring and gimbling has become a real mud bath.”

“But I am sure you can swop a few at school for a frumerous bandersnatch.”

“Oh yea, great.”

“What do I hear there Jabberwock sons. No, I do not want a frumerous bandersnath in my wongle. It will eat my chumble before it begins to galumph, not to mention the plooging.”

“But mama Jabberwock, they are so lovable, especially when they begin to groog.”

“No, we do not have room for a bandersnatch, as frumerous as it might be and one frumerous bandersnath comes seldom alone.”

“I have an idea”

“What Papa Jabberwock.”

“I will plant a doodle of tum tum trees. The bandersnatch just loves them, he can live on the top and keep an eye on invaders if they approach the tulgey wood.”

“Brilliant idea papa Jabberwock*

“Of course and the bandersnatch just loves slithy toves for dinner.”

“But dad.”

“No arguments children, now go and help your mother in the kitchen, and make sure there are not sliths in the soup. They make me sneeze.”

And so a normal day in the home of the Jabberwocks begins again.

Daily Prompt: A Sludgy Event

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