9 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 19.11.2017 Hibiscus

  1. I had one just like that! It really looked like the same color! There was also a white one with a red center. I have never grown a tropical hibiscus, but I think I would like to.

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    • I don’t know if they are tropical, but they survive our minus temperatures in Winter, with the snow and the ice. The bush was originally a blue one, but slowly the flowers changed back to probably their original colour. Actually this one grew from a seed from the original plant. I have three growing in the garden, all from seeds.The just found a good place to thrive.

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      • The hibiscus in the picture is not tropical. It is what we know as ‘rose of Sharon’. Tropical hibiscus has big glossy evergreen leaves and huge brightly colored flowers. They are more common in Southern California. the shrubs are not very pretty, but the flowers are really nice.

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        • I think they sell the tropical ones in the stores in pots in summer. I once bought a very large bright orange hibiscus, but it did not survive the winter. I can imagine that they would thrive in Southern Califlornia with their tropical temperatures.

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          • Yes, but because they are so easy, they are not appreciated as much as where they can not be grown. Although not sold as landscape plants in Oklahoma, they are more popular as potted plants there.

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