Good Morning


More constrast in today’s morning sky. Yesterday it was another grey morning/day and nothing was happening in the sky. Today looks like more action and it is very cold. Tomorrow it will probably rain so our painter only has today to finish the last wall before he eventually waves goodbye. The workers are now going one by one. I noticed one of the neighbours has had to have its complete garden re-done due to the destruction from builders’ boots. Yesterday they moved in with a power shovel and removed all the earth. Today it goes further. We are still waiting for our tiles to be replaced. We are having the same tiles as before and decided not to invest in special super sized tiles as a replacement. I am too old for something completely different and prefer to spend my money or something more rewarding.

Various birds in birdhouse 16.11 (3)

Our birdhouse is  becoming quite popular amongst the bird population and since it is in front of my window I can get much better photos. The birds sit in the branches of the trees opposite in my garden and fly over to collect a seed. They afterwards return to their perch in the tree and enjoy the food. There is a coming and going all day. I was surprised as I thought it might be too near the window, but food is always a good excuse to take a risk. I think the birds with the yellow feathers are tits. You never see them during the summer but as soon as the colder weather arrives they settle in our garden for food.  And I just saw the first robin of the Winter. He hopped into my garden at the edge. Robins do not mix so much with the other birds and like to keep themselves to themselves. I was not quick enough for a photo unfortunately.

Sparrows 16.11 (2)

The sparrows like to pick around on the ground, they are the garbage birds probably, eating the remains.

I am getting nearer to my dream iPhone X. Mr. Swiss enquired in the local shop and they said 1-2 weeks will be the delivery time, although I will probably wait a little longer until the big rush is over.

Today is week-end shopping day again, time goes quickly when you are a golden oldie. No. 1 son has decided to go on an excursion to Geneva tomorrow, a 2 hour train ride from where we live. He does not speak French, the Geneva language, but in Geneva you can get through easily with english, which he can speak. I visited Geneva some years ago around Chrstmas wanting to visit the United Nations building, but only saw it at the end of the entrance path. It was closed for holidays, the english speaking guard told me at the gate.

This means the golden oldie couple will be alone for Saturday lunch, an opportunity to eat brussel sprouts. We both like them, but No. 1 son will not eat them.

I must now move on to complete my Friday morning duties. I will be on my way later to the supermarket, armed with my online cloud shopping list, connected to Mr. Swiss phone. If you see a golden oldie couple wandering around a supermarket with phones in their hand stopping now and again to delete items, you know why.

Enjoy your Friday, the last day before the week-end.

Autumn Trees 13.11 (1)

25 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. That birch is awesome! It is quite uncommon here. I was told that it is designed for snow. I just think it is weird. The common European white birch probably sheds snow just fine. Besides, it doesn’t snow here!

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      • I would guess that because of the density, it would actually hold more snow than the common European white birch would. I would not know. I have never seen one in thee snow. Because of the bronze birch borer, they do not last very long here, and certainly do not get as big as yours.

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      • I do not think one need be European to appreciate Brussels sprouts. You know, a few of the kids I grew up with really flipped out over them, as if they did not get any in Vietnam. They still really dig them after all these decades later. I sort of think they are not exactly a good match for Vietnamese food, but what do I know?

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          • My colleague and I were just talking about all the fruit we threw at cars when we were young. I think it is instinctual for boys to do that. We always had fruit. when there were no apricots in the orchard, we found citrus, persimmons or guavas in the home garden. When we were in Montara on the coast, we found Brussels sprouts and artichokes. Brent was in Los Angeles, so found whatever fruit he could around the neighborhood, as well as magnolia grenades.

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  2. I really like your bird house; and that pic of the sparrow. In urban life; we rarely get to see a sparrow; pollution probably has made them go away…….don’t know where have they gone………….sad.


    • I am not so sure of the bird names in English. I have a zoom lens for distant photos, but now the birds are in front of the window. I have to be careful with movements, otherwise they startle and fly away

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  3. I love to see the birds feeding at the bird house. Birds are such fun to watch. We have robins here too, different variety of course but they only appear in winter and I don’t often see one. Never been able to get a picture so far.

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    • We have mainly finches, tits and sparrows. Now and again a robin, but they are shy. I have a good photo of one, but a couple of years ago. Once i had a spotted woodpecker that found its way to the feeder.

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    • I have had the bird house for 3-4 years, but have at last found a good place for it. I wanted to take more photos today, but did not have the time. I am hoping for more chances over the week-end.


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