7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 17.11.2017 Montbretia

  1. didn’t you just send a picture of these within the past few months? I know others have. They are quite a weed here, but I still dig them. I have one remaining clump in my planter box downtown, after removing all the strays. There were way too many for a while. Their bright orange bloom looks fab with the orange and yellow nasturtiums. They are like nasturtiums on a stick, like nasturtium popsicles! When I was a kid, there were many of these naturalized behind my Pa’s home in Montara. It was a cool and damp blue gum and Monterey pine forest, where montbretias grew almost six feet tall! Although it seemed that no one ever planted them, one of the neighbors closer to the beach had some soft yellow ones!

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    • I never show the same photo on flower of the day, but might repeat the flower. There are only so many types. Here. Montbretia are something special and you find them in gardens. Our climate keeps them to a reasonable size. I would love to see the six footers that you have. I can imagine that you have many giant versions of plants that we have.

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      • They only got that tall in the shady, cool and damp blue gum forest. While they were dormant, I dug a few huge bulbs and brought them back to Los Gatos. Each big bulb produces a small herd of tiny bulbs with foliage that was less than half as high as it was on the coast! They bloomed even better, probably because there was more bloom relative to foliage, but it was sort of disappointing that they did not get as tall.

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