Daily Prompt: It’s a droll life

Funny bird

It all began with a meeting. Democratic decisions were made and it was quickly discovered that democracy is only for those that agree with each other. The minority that did not agree were those with the silver threads in the hair and too old to realise what it was all about. There was a second meeting and this one was completely democratic because those that were laughed at the first time with their grey hairs and senior pensions did not bother to attend.

The result of this democratic decision was that everyone had to bare with the uncomforable situation of being surrounded by a building chaos, but it was only 7-8 months, a summer of a golden oldie life. Eventually the work was finished and the chaos disappeared, although not quite. There was now a breath of fresh air in the chaos and you could have something that the others did not have, although at an extra price.

This shed a new light on the situation. Democracy was no longer called for, the dices had fallen and there was freedom of decision if you had the money to go with it. People are not all the same. It can be quite droll when a staunch opponent of a democratic decision finds that it was a good idea after all, especially if they can have something the others do not have and are pleased to tell everyone how nice it looks.

After all the discomfort and inconvenience was worth it. Droll isn’t it.

Daily Prompt: It’s a Droll Life

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