Good Morning


Morning has broken once again, and the clouds scuptures have returned – no sight of rain at the moment, but who knows. It was a busy morning up to now for me at least. Mr. Swiss had an appointment at 7.00 a.m. in the local hospital and so I was left on my Todd to deal with more stuff than usual. However everything under control, although I realised how much Mr. Swiss actually does when he is at home. I had laundry to fold and put away and all the blinds in the appartment to raise. Suddenly there was a key in the door and the wanderer returned already. We had planned on not going shopping this morning, thinking we would have too much stress, but now everything is back to normal, although I am later than usual.

Front Garden

The gardeners finished the work in our front garden yesterday afternoon and did a very good job. The entrance is now perfect and matches the rest of the garden. I am glad of the larger entrance which will enable me to move more freely, especially when I get my wheelchair.

Bird House 14.11.2017

Our birdhouse is back in the back garden. I am not sure if it is an ideal place, as it might be too near to our windows for bird comfort. However, I checked this morning and the birds are pecking. They perch in my apple tree opposite and fly over for a bite now and again. I was busy chopping bread remains this morning for the crows and magpies, but had to wait for Mr. Swiss to put it into the opposite meadow for them. He said humans first, and made his coffee. The gardeners still have to renew this garden as they have not yet replaced the tiles on the edge where the scaffolding was standing, but it will all be finished in a week. Things are getting back to normal at last. It was a long 7 months since April when the building work began, and for us it is a summer that never was.

Clouds 13.11 (8)

This morning we have 0°C temperatures and there was a thin layer of frost on the grass. It is not snowing on our level, but when we were driving home from the store on Monday I noticed that the snow was now laying on lower places and some local villages already have their first taste of Winter.

And now I am on my way to prepare for a morning excursion to the supermarket. Of course I am not late, golden oldies are never late, because they do not go anywhere or have places they have to be, except for the doctor and I am glad when I do not have to see my doc.

Have a good day, take it easy, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. I will leave you with a poinsettia from the local supermarket, as an aperitif of Chrismas.


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