Mundane Monday Challenge #135: Crows and Clouds

Crows in flight 13.11 (2)

Mr. Swiss called to say to see the evening sky this evening. As I am a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society, I decided it would be worth a few shots. What happened next surprised me. A flock of crows took flight as I was shooting a photo. What could be better: a wonderful evening sky with bird accompaniment.

Mundane Monday Challenge #135: Crows and Clouds

18 thoughts on “Mundane Monday Challenge #135: Crows and Clouds

    • Rainbows make wonderful photos, we have them now and again. i was surprised that there are also moonbows from my daily cloud picture in the cloud appreciation society. With the normal eye they are white, but with the right camera lens you capture the colour spectrum. You have to have a bright moon for the effect

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    • There are almost always clouds hovering around waiting to be photographed, but since belonging to the society we are getting only grey skies. I get a cloud a day in my mail box from all over the world, and some are really very interesting.

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