Good Morning

Front garden in rain

Its been raining non stop for the last 5 days, even my trees are getting webbed roots. Forget the wonderful Autumn foliage, that disappeared a week ago and now the remains are lying on the ground. I would love to post some photos of interesting cloud formations but they no longer form, it is just a sheet of 50 shades of grey

I have now adopted yet another iPad. I already have two, my super 256 sized one that has room for hundreds of apps and games and its predecessor which still functions but I have to give it a push in the morning to switch it on. My iPad is my second lifeline to my computer. I can stay updated with any comments on my WP site whilst sitting in the airmchair in the evening reading a book, or even watching the TV which I do not really bother with, just East Enders, my BBC soap based on the East End of London where I originate.

My new iPad is one of those coincidences. It is a Samsung iPad. I am an Apple person as far as iPads go, but this Samsung was actually for my No. 1 son, although he now uses an older iPad from Apple and so the Samsung was forgotten until I remembered it. I love learning new devices, just because they are there probably. Mr. Swiss wiped the Samsung clean and I adopted it yesterday. It was quite easy to set up. Of course it wanted all sorts of secret code numbers that no-one else could use it, but I refused. My iPads are for home use and I have no secrets on them. My secrets are all on a USB stick which keeps it all out of the online circus. I never have my passwords on the computer, you never know.

So now I have yet another iPad. I noticed Samsung is all Google, a so-called Android. Now I have the hang of it, I am still working out what to use it for. I now have Word and Excel at my fingertips. When I was a working woman Word and Excel were my daily bibles, without them the cyberworld was not complete. I was accountant for our local first aid society for many years and Excel was a second language for me. Yesterday, after setting up my new Samsung iPad, I realised that Excel had become a mystery. I had the formulas and strange terms at my finger tips and brain tips, but now have no idea. I suppose other golden oldies are more interested in a new knitting pattern, but I am not even sure if I now know the various stitches. I now have a grandson, but his wardrobe is more versatile than mine. Every photo and video shows him wearing something different.

Crow 12.11 (4)

The only action  I have in the morning are the crow visitors for the bread remainders I feed them with. The gardeners are still working on renewing our garden to its old condition, but the West side has not yet been completed which is where I deposit my super penthouse bird suite. At the moment my birds have to managed with bread cuttings, but the crows are not fussy. It is quite a good logistic organisation. First the crows whilst the magpies watch from the trees, and when they are finished they leave the crumbs for the sparrows.

Road to Langendorf 10.11 (2)

Yesterday our Swiss football team qualified for the world cup in Russia. Not any team can compete, only those that score enough points in the preliminaries. I have no high hopes that they will bring the cup home to Switzerland, but you never know.

Today being Monday, we will be aiming for the supermarket this morning.  It is now quite cold and snow has reached some parts of the Swiss lowlands, but not yet in our area.

And now I will depart, have better things to do than sit at a computer, surrounded by iPads and a Kindle, as well as my iPhone. Oh what a lovely life it is when you are online. Have fun, it is Monday, the beginning of a new exciting week full of surprises.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Pedantry alert:
    I am pretty confident that Samsung has never produced an ipad. A tablet computer, yes, but never an ipad. Why? Because apple would have sued their behinds off them if they dared to go for something with an i in front …


    • The states is a big country and there are so many climate variations. On Swiss Levels we are average. The Italian parts get the warmer weather like Lugano and Locarno and the mountain regions are already covered with snow

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      • Yes, we have many climates here, and California alone has more climates than many other states combined. That is why the entertainment industry is here, because there is so much different scenery to choose from. One of the homes I was looking at in Trona is near the Planet of the Apes and Star Wars.

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  2. We got summer that lasted until last week, then rain, then all the leaves fell off, and now it’s very very cold.

    Nice to get an extra computer. I have two and a kindle. i had more, but i gave one to granddaughter, one to son, and my son’s friend bought Garry’s extra. They needed computers and these were just sitting around getting dusty.

    I swear you are getting the same weather we are which is pretty strange because you are so very far away, but maybe we are locked into some virtual joint reality. I’m hoping winter isn’t too awful. Everyone around here is sure that this strange weather is some New England secret predicting a severe winter, but so far, it’s just a rumor.

    Hang on in there, my friend. Sooner or later, the rain will stop.

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    • The rain has now stopped and I am glad. I can now clear up my front garden ready for Winter. At least no. 1 son can as I am not able to move heavy stuff. I have two large pots to move to the other side of the appartment where they can dry out before putting them into winter quarters in the cellar..
      I have two computers, the Microsoft and the Apple, both very good machines. Otherwise I have my old tablet which still works but does not have a great capacity and my new tablet which is super for working with from the armchair or at the moment when I am hugging the bed. The Samsung is an extra and I have now fitted it up but will give it to no. 1 son. He has a very old tablet, but only needs it for his pop music and their apps. He can now have my new one.
      We do seem to be having similar weather. Mr. Swiss says it is very cold now, but I do not feel it so much. I can see the snow in the Jura almost now at our ground level.


  3. At least you qualified for the World Cup. South Africa lost to Senegal in the qualifier and lost their place. It is raining here today too, some summer rain, which is much needed as we did not get enough last winter and our storage dams are looking very empty! I wish there was a way of getting some of the rain you are having to us.

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    • Switzerland have a good team, but I will be surprised if they achieve more. I heard that Italy lost their chance which is a tragedy for the Italian footballl nation. It has now stopped raining at last. Our rivers and lakes are quite high at the moment.

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