Daily Prompt: Riffs are part of my daily life

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There was music in the background as I was performing the usual vacuum cleaning journey through the appartment this morning, nothing special. There is always music. I rarely switch the radio on in the morning, I leave that to Mr. Swiss. I heard Dave Brubeck with “Three to Get Ready” and then someone switched off the radio. Not really that I am a passionate jazz fan, but when you are married with a jazzer for almost 50 years, somehow you get infected. “Oh” I said and was asked if I was listening. Of course I was, but it was also time for me to move on.

I like music, always have, but my youth was spent with the Beatles and the Stones, although jazz was not a foreign word in my language. I was a little infected with its riffs.

And so one day I married someone that knew his way in the jazz scene and was also a drummer. If Mr. Swiss switches the radio on it is usually Jazz 24, Swiss Jazz or however they are called. I have grown up with riffs in my married life and got to know most of them. Sometimes I might even play a game with Mr. Swiss and try to guess who is playing and sometimes I guess right.

My dad was a jazz lover, but his taste originated from the 1930’s, so I was prepared for my future life of Riffs. Today we are two golden oldies, but the music lingers on. Now and again a jam session might be organised, but the young musicians that would meet and play it all, are now golden oldies. There is a new generation developing, but the jazz lives on. And don’t turn off Dave Brubeck, I wanted to carry on listening.

Daily Prompt: Riffs are part of my daily life

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Riffs are part of my daily life

  1. A musical riff was indeed the first thing I thought of when i saw the word, though I did go a different way. There was a time when music was life to me, when I played and listened and that WAS my world. I still love music, but it no longer is the single most important part of my life. Sometimes, I miss it, but mostly, when it is one, I like it and the rest of the time, I enjoy other things. Nice to have a musical mate 🙂

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    • It was the first thing I thought of. as we both talk music. Mr. Swiss also read my blog and he put up his iPad on the kitchen top, so we had tea to the accompaniment of Dave Brubeck. Afterwards it changed to Paul Mccartney, can only happen in our family.


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