5 thoughts on “Weekly Weather: Autum/Fall

  1. Not good; although the callus to the right of the developing canker suggests that the tree lived with decay for a while. It looks like Armillaria mellea, which is supposed to kill rather quickly, but I know trees can live with it for a while.

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    • The photo was taken in London in my dad’s street. It is not a really perfect area for nature, having busses and a busy road nearby. It is a wonder that anything survives in that area, but everyone has their own little garden in front of the houses.

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      • I grew up with old apricot trees from the orchard that was there before the homes were built. Everyone in the neighborhood had at least one. They were old, gnarly and rotten. In orchard culture, they were commonly replaced every thirty years or so. Ours were well over thirty years old back in 1970. They had all sorts of rot, and if I could have inspected them half a century ago, I would have diagnosed them as unsalvageable. However, my mother’s apricot tree is still there! I can not explain it. There are others in the neighborhood too!

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        • That is interesting. We have apricot trees in Switzerland but mainly in Valais, which is south and a more temperate climate, although one of our local farmers up on one of the the mountains has managed to grow apricots and sells them.

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