Good Morning


It’s a cold one this morning and still raining. Mr. Swiss says we are heading for a cold front this afternoon, but for my tastes we already have it, so perhaps it will be completed with a cold back this afternoon. And it is still raining, constantly. Shall I return to hugging my bed or continue in the hope that it can only get better.

The birds have been fed with the bread that we humans prefer to ignore for something softer and fresher, but the crows don’t mind. They stuff their beaks full and disappear to wherever their nests are. Afterwards the sparrows arrive to clear away the crumbs.

Apple Flan

Yesterday was a Mr. Swiss apple flan day, the get better everytime he creates one. He should really apply on the TV for the British Bake Off, or even master chef and he never leaves a mess in the kitchen.

White Amaryllis

My new white amarayllis has now produced a bud, which is about the only exciting thing that is happening here at the moment.

I see that Mr. Trump seems to be getting on like a house on fire with Mr. Putin. How nice that they have decided to agree and not to disagree. Mr. Putin assures Mr. Trump that he never ever messed around with the American elections, and Mr. Trump believes him. The next step will be a visit to Mr. Kim Jong Un in North Korea  where they have decided to play a poker game together. I hope no-one is bluffing. In the meanwhile Switzerland really wants to go ahead with their 40 million shopping trip for a few new planes, although it seems a vote will be put to the people. We have to be careful although people do not usually attack countries where they have their money in the banks. I just love direct democracy.

And I will now move on, my vacuum cleaner is calling.

Have a good day everyone, perhaps it might be more exciting than mine.

Jura 10.11 (12)

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