Daily Prompt: Daily Neophyte


Today is a new day in my life, something completely different to yesterday.  I might wake in the same bed, but a different time. Even outside the window eveything is different. Clouds only live for 10 minutes at the most and then they disintegrate or move on in a different shape and form. My breakfast is still the same breakfast, not really. It is not the same breakfast that I ate yesterday. Nothing is the same as yesterday because time moves on and yesterday is now in the past. I was a day younger yesterday. Today I am a day older, a day’s more life experience. Everything is new, and I definitely will not cook the same meal as yesterday.

So let’s switch the computer on. I have new comments on yesterday’s blogs. I am reading my online newspaper and it is not the same as yesterday, the date was 10th November and today is 11th November. Even the guy in charge of the United States, not worthy of the name president, is in another country. He is also a neophyte, having no idea what will happen today.

Now it is afternoon, but this morning was completely different to yesterday morning, the morning before and probably tomorrow morning. I have been blogging for many years and every day I feel like a new blogger on the block because everything today is different to yesterday. New blogs have been writtten with news that is different to yesterday, the word “news” is a description in itself because it is new.

So what shall we write today, something completely different. If I wrote the same every day it would not only be boring to those that read it but for me writing it. How often have I thought to leave it for a day, but the yearning for something completely different is hovering in the bacground and so let’s see what today’s theme is. Ah, look, today we are to be neophytes and write about it. Perhaps a new religion, a new activity, no a new blog. New religions are for those that have a religion, and I do not. I am too old and rusty for physical activities, but I will write a new blog. My brain is still operating, moving on,  but today’s thoughts are different to yesterday’s thoughts. Today at approximately 3 o`clock in the afternoon I can write about something different, a neophyte in a new place and time.

Mr. Swiss is reading a book and listening to music. Even the book is different, because he finished the book he was reading yesterday. The music is classical, something different according to the radio station.  When you are 70, going on 71 years old, you no longer bother with being a neophyte. I have been there and done it all, but every day is a new challenge. I could, of course, do something completely new and different: a bungy jump from a tower, a dive into the local river or just watch the rain falling outside.  I will settle for the rain, it is safer, and who wants to be a neophyte, too much stress.

Van der Sar ready for action
Daily Prompt: Daily Neophyte

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Daily Neophyte

    • I don’t want to learn anything new if it can be avoided. I have now learned how to give myself a mix injection every second day and how an electric wheelchair moves. That will do me nicely for now.

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    • It is often a little exhausting to think of something new to write daily. Sometimes I just begin to write and do not even know where I am going. Other times I have a definite target, but it is strange. The blogs I write that I find OK, may not get as many likes as others. I have my nap before I begin to write after lunch, so I should be ready to go. Repetition is an accompanying effect of daily blogging I assume.


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