Daily Prompt: Strutting Around

Children superarket trolleys

It must be great to grow up today, you can do everything your mum does, and it is all sized up for you. The supermarket trolleys that we all know are now scale models for the kiddies. After all they have to learn how to do it properly, it is part of their education.

I was spared the experience as a kid because supermarkets were only just appearing in the fifties. Mum had an old fashioned bag. “2 lbs of King Edwards” she would say at the potato stall along the road. Why the Brits had to name all the potato sorts after the Kings of England I do not know. There followed a conversation with the stall owner, who was almost a member of the family as he saw me and mum almost every day. and that was my shopping experience as a kid. I did not have to practice how to do it, it would just come naturally.

However in the process of me growing up, stall bought produce had to make room for the newly imported ideas of the supermarket. I am not sure how or why, but I am convinced it travels across the pond from America and the King Edwards and King Georges disappeared for the potatoes packed in plastic bags or perhaps they are now known as President Trumps and Eisenhowers.

And today we choose our potatoes from the shelves in the supermarket. It is so easy, even a kid could do it, if they could reach the shelves. We make it easier for them. Supermarket trolleys are now child sized. They can shop just like mummy, although mummy still chooses the products because she can reach to the top shelf. Little boys and girls now strut around in the supermarkets with their trolleys filled with the produce that mummy chooses. Mummy no longer needs a trolley, the kids are learning to be grown ups.

As an innocent witness of this procedure I am not very happy when I turn a corner and a 6-7 year old struts into my legs with the miniature metal carriage. Does he or she apologise? Of course not, I am a hindrance to the further education of the children.  At their tender age they are learning to do the shopping just like mum, although where is mum. She is having a conversation with the neighbour who also has time as her children are also making the supermarket a precarious location for golden oldies.

It all seems to be part of growing up today, to be like mummy. How sweet, look Johnny has filled his trolley with 10 packets of various sweets and has now placed a copy of the Beano or Dandy on top, his favourite comic. Mum will only discover the sweets at the till, but no problem, it is all part of growing up in today’s world and learning how to do it. Even the kids pay with mummy’s credit card, although the lady at the till often gets annoyed when they have to type the codes 3-4 times until it succeeds. Do kids know what real money looks like, or are they convinced it is just play plastic? In the meanwhile I am still rubbing my foot where it shows the impression of a wheel and other golden oldies are steadying themselves after almost being bowled over by a runaway trolley.

Daily Prompt: Strutting Around

Good Morning

Morning Sky

There is some sort of structure in the sky this morning, which is more than  I can say for me. My bed was too comfortable and it did not want me to leave. I managed to wrench myself away and arrived in the kitchen. It was a mistake but there was no turning back.

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise. Mr. Swiss was shopping and returned with something for me, which was not food. It was a real gift something I had needed for a long while and never found it. I needed a new handbag, but not just a skimpy neat looking object, something that had room and it had to be a shoulder bag. I had been searching online for some time but you cannot see the actual size on a computer screen. I had a look in the local shops but if the bag was big enough it was not a shoulder bag and I no longer carry a handbag in my hand. It works much better for me across the shoulder.

Why such a big bag? I only carry a purse with money. I keep my mobile phone in the pocket of my jacket. It is because I like to have room for my camera. Mr. Swiss took the trouble to inquire in a leather shop if they had something suitable, and they did. The saleslady had to search for it and found it in the shop window. It is ideal: there is a special pocket for my mobile phone, although I probably won’t need it so much, but ideal for my camera. There would even be space to also carry my zoom lens with me, although on my shopping safaris taking photos from the car window, it would not be necessary.  I take my flower photos with my mobile phone camera in the store.

However, this was an answer to my wishes.  I have a few camera bags, but they are not what I need. I needed something more versatile. It is just perfect and a wonderful strong leather.

Replacing Tiles

In the meanwhile my tile pile in the front garden is slowly disappearing as the gardeners replace them. Work is progressing and they will do the rest this afternoon and the tiles will eventually be gone. Next Monday it is planned to  redo my entrance to the front garden by not planting the privet bush they removed, but leaving it open for me to enter and leave with my wheelchair. They will also pave the space that is now just earth in the same style as the rest of the garden, all included in the costs, with nothing extra to pay. Things are really now getting back to normal.

I will be so glad to be able to get out and about again, although my wheelchair will probably only be delivered end November just in time for the first snowfalls when I avoid going anywhere.

Christmas Tent

Today is again time for the week-end shopping, the Christmas sales tent is waiting. Time goes so fast it seems only yesterday that I composed our last list. I did my list yesterday at the table after the evening meal. Mr. Swiss said he had no idea, and whilst he cleared the stuff away it was alreay set up on my phone. I realise how much making notes really helps. As a golden oldie I forget so much, but if I write it down straight away there is no problem. Who needs a phone for telephone calls? No-one calls me, I just call my doc now and again. It is my lifeline for making notes. Take a photo of a plant in the supermarket, get home and cannot remember what it was? No problem, just jot it down in notes on your phone and of course all my life saving apps.  I know the iPhone X is a luxury, but I deserve luxuries at my age. I never had time to indulge in them my whole life being there for the others. It has a good camera and other qualities and I am used to it. I never got the hang of a Samsung, I am an Apple person.

Autumn 08.11 (3)

And now I am on my way to my normal daily life. Actually it is a good life in a way. It is shorter than it was, but I am a lucky person to have what I need (that is until I get my iPhone X 🙂 )

Enjoy the day and remember to clean your computer screen. I had to give mine a wipe over yesterday, too many stains from breakfast.