Good Morning

Morning Cloud

I got a cloud this morning. Not a big deal, but it was on the horizon, so it might be the shape of things to come. Everythig is damp outside, but it is not raining so we might even get a bit of sun. According to facebook it will be sunny with clouds, although according to facebook a lot of things are happening, which do not happen.

I am annoyed with my birds. I feed them with bread remainders in the morning and as soon as I appear with a camera, even in the background, they fly away.

Blackbird 08.11 (4)

However I managed to capture this blackbird yesterday sitting in the tree opposite.

I am a little bit annoyed with the Swiss government. It seems we are running out of fighter planes and need a few more. It has been decided to spend 8 billion on them, just 30 or  40 jets. I did not decide. However it could be that one of our political parties decides that we should have a referendum and will begin to collect signatures. One of the advantages of living in a direct democracy.

I asked Mr. Swiss who wants to attack us. He mumbled something about being prepared.  I have decided to buy myself an electric wheelchair as I am no longer able to go out alone, being worried about falling, which has happened twice lately. I also want to be prepared. My left foot seems to detach itself now and again from its leg. So I made my decision, have ordered my wheelchair. Of course it is an expense, but I am lucky to be able to afford the 7-8000 francs it will cost. I do not expect any help from the Swiss government, I am only a normal person that has to pay my taxes. However, I was advised to enquire whether I would be entitled to something from the IV (invalide insurance). It seems I should ask my health insurance whether they would pay a contribution. I have no big hopes, but you never know and asking does not hurt. I am not really prepared to discuss it with them, either they pay something or not. Perhaps if it was fixed with jet propulsion I might be entitled to something from the Swiss government.

Road to Langendorf 08.11 (5)

They let me out yesterday to visit the supermarket. On the way I now pass a new building site. I took photos of the old appartment block  being destroyed about half a year ago and the cranes being used to build the new estate. It is amazing how fast things are built today. The ground floor outlines have already been built and they are now beginning the first floor already. It is interesting to see how it is developing, especially as Mr. Swiss lived in the original appartments with his mother in the fifties.

I just finished my Terry Pratchett Book “Witches Abroad” the twelth in the Discworld series which did not disappoint me, and so I had a decision to make, what next? I like to vary my books and I decided it was time to read another James Patterson novel in the Alex Cross series. He is a police detective/psychologist and some of the books have been filmed. Again I am reading one after the other in the series and am now on book 6 “Pop goes the Weasel”. Actually it does not have very good critics: too many short chapters and nothing very much happening at the beginning, but I decided to carry on undaunted. What someone does not find so good, I might like. I like short chapters, and already have 100 pages behind me and find it a good story.

And now to laze around and do the normal boring stuff like taking the vacuum cleaner and the mop for a sightseeing tour of the appartment. It’s spaghetti today, so what could be better and possibly go wrong.

Have fun, watch your clouds, they might be doing something interesting.

Autumn 08.11 (2)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Being prepared. Yes, that’s what they always say when someone is making a lot of money on some kind of gigantic military purchase that no one really needs. Behind the scenes, it is all about money. It is ALWAYS about money.

    Meanwhile, we are supposed to be getting a major arctic blast and snow this weekend. It’s like … two months early? Well, what the hell, we had summer through October, now we’re going to have winter before Thanksgiving. But hey, we don’t have issues with climate change, nope. It’s just a Chinese lie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The good thing is that someone somewhere will begin to colllect signatures tonstop it all, we hope. We then have a referendum and hope the majority say no. That happened the last time when they wanted to buy Swedish planes, which were still on the drawing board,

      I am not sure what our weather is doing. Just rainclouds and wet, but in between ok. We have high winds now and again. I never really feel cold. Indoors is heated and outdoors with my winter jacket I feel fine. I have an internal heating system it seems.


  2. Wonderful pictures. I love clouds and trees and have tons of pictures to prove it. I love skeletal building projects…new beginnings after a quick demise of the old. I have also read a lot of James Patterson from Along Came A Spider to Alex Cross…even read his other novels that have nothing to do with Detective Cross. This post is…as .quite enjoyable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cloudless days are boring for me, I like to take photos of the clouds. After being under siege from builders and surrounded by scaffolding for seven months, building projects have begun to fascinate me. I read Patterson before I discovered Alex Cross although I had seen a couple of films. I always prefer the original books.


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