Daily Prompt: Gingerly does the job

Laying tiles

At this very moment in time tiles are being gingerly replaced in my front garden. They had to be removed to build a deep ditch for the scaffolding and now the scaffolding has been removed and the tiles are being replaced. Another part of the long and winding building road that lasted 7 months and is now thinking about the eighth month.

It seems laying tiles is not easy, it all has to be measured to ensure that everything is nice and straight afterwards.

Replacing Tiles

Each tile must be hammered into place.

I will be glad when the work is done. We have a pile of tiles in the corner of the garden and now they will be removed leaving space for my plants to breathe. There is one small problem it seems.

Laying tiles

We now have either too many tiles or not enough tiles. The main tile laying is finished but there is a strange space on the edge which was not there 7 months ago. As we still have a pile of tiles in the corner waiting to be fitted, we have come to the conclusion that things have shrunk in the meanwhile or perhaps the space has grown. Our gardeners have now left us and I could hear the sound of an electric saw in the distance, which probably means that we are now getting tiles that will fit the gaps left behind, made to measure. In the meanwhile one of the workmen is measuring the size of the spaces.


However, no worry. Everything is being calculated carefully with this instrument, which I believe to be a theodolite, so what could possibly go wrong. Something has gone wrong as one of the workers has returned with the newly cut tiles to fit, but they do not fit. Did I hear Mr. Swiss similar profanties? It is human. It is becoming a very exciting situation. I am sure at the end of the day we will again be able to leave our home through the open window in the front garden and walk over level ground to reach other parts of the estate. I am sure my cat Tabby will be pleased. She has spent the past months leaping over a ditch to get to the other side.

Daily Prompt: Gingerly does the job

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Gingerly does the job

  1. There some kind of law that things which used to fit, once removed, never fit again. Tile, covers for furniture, even putting dishes back in cupboards … they never fit. Take the stuff out of the closet then try to get it back in? It won’t go. Obviously your tiles have hit the same issue. It is some kind of Murphy’s Law, just one more piece of the universal law of human confusion.

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    • Brilliant. The builders are returning tomorrow afternoon to finish the job and I will tell them. They still have about 20 tiles to fix so I hope they realise it eventually. It often happens to me with my trousers Last year they fit and this year they are too tight. It’s definitely Murphy’s Law.


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