Photo Challenge: Temporary Mistletoe

Mistletoe 08.11 (3)

They have returned, yes, the clumps of mistletoe on the trees are back. Of course they are always there, no-one removes them, they belong to nature. They arrive on the trees,  by seeds from their berries. They begin to grow and absorb water and nutrients from the host tree because they are parasites. These mistletoe plants have been there for years, the tree still lives and so does the mistletoe. In summer the mistletoe disappears, although it is probably still there, but hidden by the leaves of the tree. Now the trees are losing their leaves to Autumn and the mistletoe has returned: perhaps only temporary until Spring.

Photo Challenge: Temporary Mistletoe

12 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Temporary Mistletoe

    • It was a Christmas thing in England and the first time I saw it growing was in our area in Switzerland. I must admit I was fascinated. When the trees lose their leaves it is very imposing sitting on the trees.


  1. Our mistletoe is mysteriously gone this year. No one knows why. It infests the locusts and box elders quite badly. Now that the trees are defoliating, all the mistletoe is gone!

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