Flower of the Day: 08.11.2017 Sunflower Field


It is a field of sunflowers. My son lives in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Kanton Schaffhausen and they grow suflowers in many fields. The seeds are used for the production of sunflower oil. If I had been a couple of weeks earlier I could have captured the full glory of the sunflowers in bloom.

Flower of the Day: 08.11.2017 Sunflower Field

8 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 08.11.2017 Sunflower Field

  1. Sunflowers almost became the ‘city flower’ of Salinas because they were a major crop there a long time ago. It seems to be the ‘in’ thing to get a ‘city flower’. I wanted cat tails to be the town flower for Los Gatos (although it was not my idea, it was pretty creative. Cat tails happen to be native to a swampy area that is now Vasona Park.) I want apricot or coast live oak to be the town tree. Coast live oaks are the most prominent native tree, and apricot is the most culturally significant tree.


    • We don’t have town flowers. The sunflowers are planted in east Switzerland for the oil production. In our area, mid Switzerland, we have rapeseed for oil. We then have wonderful fields of yellow when they flower.

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      • Some town flowers are pretty ridiculous, if they are not native or culturally significant. We do not have enough natives to go around, so some town flowers and trees are culturally significant, like those that once grew in the orchards here.

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