Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

And that’s that, or it might be. The first thing that came to my mind was Paolo Conte and his song “Dancing”. Never heard of him? If you were Italian he would be engraved in your music taste, although some like him and some do not. I am not Italian, but can speak the language more or less, and somewhere on the way I discovered Paolo Conte. My boss was a young Italian when I was working and his mum loved Paolo Conte. It was my 50th birthday and we had tickets for his concert in Switzerland. It was the evening when the snow came, but we drove through the blizzard on the motorway, at least Mr. Swiss did and my boss in his car, and arrived more or less safely. It was a wonderful concert, Paolo Conte sang all his hits. Would mention My CD collection is to 80% Paolo Conte, another 10% Tom Waits and the rest a mixture.

My dad loved to dance. As soon as we had a family party, Christmas usually, he was the first on the floor and often dragged his daughter with him. He would be dancing from the beginning to the end of the party. It was not ballroom dancing, just jigging around to the good old songs and we would all be singing along. Of course “Knees up Muvver Brown” was included in the dance show, but there was never a cockney get together without that song a dance. We were all born and bred in the East End and cockney was our “ovver language”. Like “I ain’t got nuffing”, met this bloke dahn the frog and toad and let’s “ave a dekker at the black and white, but where’s me bins.”

I found this version by the Muppets, but it just about describes the essence of a cockney family having fun. the cap being worn by Fozzie bear is a typical pearly king hat. We even had our own royalty in the East End of London which was mainly for collecting money for charities. They were dressed in suits embroidered with sequins and very impressive. It was tradition.

Seeing this video brought many memories of the past back to me. I will now be 71 years old, and my cousins 70, 69 and 68. I wonder if they still dance Knees Up Muvver Brown, probably not. I often cannot get my knees up to stand from a chair. Aunt Lil and Uncle Arthur, Aunt Annie and Uncle Jim and Aunt Ada and Uncle Harry, as well as mum and dad, this one is for you.

 Daily Prompt: Let’s Dance

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