Daily Prompt: Faint Outlines

Road to Langendorf 25.10 (13)

We are approaching the season of faint outlines. In the early morning nothing is clear. Even the cranes in the neighbourhood are shrouded in mist.

Did you expect a litererary description about the mistiness of vision, the funny sound in the ears like a faint whistle? Perhaps feeling the blood drain from your head. “Put your head between your knees” was the only advice my mum could give me. Slowly I was there again in the real world, feeling sick and wanting to crawl into a quiet corner and die. Why did it happen – a shortage of oxagen to the brain probably, but I survived. Its cause probably being a shock. I remember I was once alone with mum and for some reason she had pierced her foot, perhaps with a splinter of wood, with something sharp.

If you pierce your skin it bleeds, like red blood which was something mum decided was a normal course of events. Mum had managed to pierce a vein and there is no red blood in a vein. It is the blue blood of the nobility that seeps out slowly but surely, but mum not having any idea of the medical system of the body was convinced it was a mortal wound and was ready to meet her maker.  “Look it’s a funny colour, it’s all blue” was her cry of desperation.  I was about 12 years old at the time and alone with a semi conscious mum. She survived and so did I, but I cannot remember how.

That was the day when my medical knowledge of the human body was improved. If red blood is flowing, you might suffer a coronary arrest, but at least it would be caused by loss of red blood and go under the heading of “accident”. If you lose blue blood, you have lost your right to the throne of England and will become one of those medical mysteries, suffering from an unknown disease.


Daily Prompt: Faint Outlines

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Faint Outlines

  1. how scary! Blood makes me shiver. Once had happened to me: dark blood from a wound in the head. I actually fainted several times, but i think it was because I had had a hard blow in my forehead. it was at school. I fell and hit my head with the corner of a metal door. I remember the dark blood covering my eyes and, thru it, seeing the nun and the girls looking at me and screaming. I also survived somehow.

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  2. I used to faint a lot. I never found out why, but now it hardly ever happens these days. Once it happened and instead of falling down, I walked into a wall and split my face open. After they stitched me up, the doctor told me if I ever felt like that again, to get down on the floor because “You can’t fall off the floor.”

    Even though getting up is really difficult, I have never forgotten that. Because you can’t fall off the floor. And because blacking out is a lot nastier than most people realize.

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    • I was a smoker in the distant past and then I was more prone to fainting. Otherwise it rarely happens today. I have more problems with balance as my left leg doesn’t react as it should also turning my head can leave me giddy. Oh the problems of age


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