Daily Prompt: Faint Outlines

Road to Langendorf 25.10 (13)

We are approaching the season of faint outlines. In the early morning nothing is clear. Even the cranes in the neighbourhood are shrouded in mist.

Did you expect a litererary description about the mistiness of vision, the funny sound in the ears like a faint whistle? Perhaps feeling the blood drain from your head. “Put your head between your knees” was the only advice my mum could give me. Slowly I was there again in the real world, feeling sick and wanting to crawl into a quiet corner and die. Why did it happen – a shortage of oxagen to the brain probably, but I survived. Its cause probably being a shock. I remember I was once alone with mum and for some reason she had pierced her foot, perhaps with a splinter of wood, with something sharp.

If you pierce your skin it bleeds, like red blood which was something mum decided was a normal course of events. Mum had managed to pierce a vein and there is no red blood in a vein. It is the blue blood of the nobility that seeps out slowly but surely, but mum not having any idea of the medical system of the body was convinced it was a mortal wound and was ready to meet her maker.  “Look it’s a funny colour, it’s all blue” was her cry of desperation.  I was about 12 years old at the time and alone with a semi conscious mum. She survived and so did I, but I cannot remember how.

That was the day when my medical knowledge of the human body was improved. If red blood is flowing, you might suffer a coronary arrest, but at least it would be caused by loss of red blood and go under the heading of “accident”. If you lose blue blood, you have lost your right to the throne of England and will become one of those medical mysteries, suffering from an unknown disease.


Daily Prompt: Faint Outlines

Good Morning


Another dismal sunrise this morning without a sun. The season is changing again and it is getting colder. Yesterday was the first day, 6th November, when  wore my winter jacket, although without neck scarf – I am not that far yet. I even wore my weatherproof shoes, not boots, and wore socks. It must be getting colder. At least I know now what the odds are outside. It was too much of a mixture with the sun shining and not knowing is it cold or not. Our strong wind “bise” was also blowing yesterday to put the frozen icing on the cake. I even felt more comfortable in the colder weather, it just seemed right.

Renovation 06.11 (2)

Our gardeners arrive yesterday for the preliminary work of filling in the ditch in front of our appartment. They have even now constructed a concrete tube for the water running from the above balconies. That was something we never had before. The balconies just got flooded now and again because the water had nowhere to escape. The lady in the photo belonged to the team that arrived in April to do the preliminary work. Now that is all behind us and the final touches are being made.

Renovation 06.11 (1)

As you can see she is part of the team and pitches in with the work needed to be done. I am not sure if I would have had the strength to handle shovels of dirt when I was younger.

The work continues today and we are hoping that we will again be able to access our garden direct from the open window instead of making a detour. Mr. Swiss could step over the ditch, but I did not want to risk it. Life can only get better I hope.

Road to Langendorf 06.11 (15)

The first layer of snow in the heights has also now arrived on our Jura mountains, although not yet on our level, but it will probably happen in the next couple of weeks.

The supermarket is already full of Chrismas delights and the tent is standing outside selling its plastic trees and decorations. Time goes fast enough when you are a golden oldie without pushing it along faster.


I wonder who is actually buying all this Christmas stuff already at the beginning of November. I saw very few people actually entering the tent and even less looking at the goods outside.

And now I should move on, today being Tuesday and a bathroom to clean and fit in a few photos of gardners doing their work. Have a nice day, wrap yourselves up warm if you don’t live in Australia and New Zealand as they are now preparing for Summer.

Autumn Trees 06.11 (7)