Good Morning

Rain Clouds

My first look outside this morning was a grey sky and accompanying rain: a real nothing photo to begin the day. Gradially the rain clouds appeared. I drifted off to the kitchen to prepare my frugal breakfast. In the meanwhile I heard the voices of workmen. This was now unusual as the builders have left with all their trimmings, including the scaffolding, and we now have peace,  I remembered that the gardeners were now due to arrive and replace the hundreds of stones piled around our living quarters which they removed to make room for planting the scaffolding.

Renovation 11.04 (12)

Everyone living on the ground floor of our settlement has these stones somewhere in the garden. These are mine from the front garden, some of them. There are many more actually in the garden and on the west side of my dwelling. Some neighours have even had them replaced by something bigger and better, a new architectonic experience. We decided being two golden oldies, it was not worth the money. Those that follow us can please theirselves.


In the meanwhile the water has boiled and I am half way through my cup of tea. The Nespresso coffee machine, miniature variety, is actually only there if we have visitors and who can resist buying a machine that George Clooney uses. I do not drink coffee, only tea, as my digestive system does not allow it, and Mr. Swiss only makes instant.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has made himself busy taking our Dyson for a walk around the appartment.

Vacuum Cleaner

I know, it is an exciting life I lead, full of suprises and drama. Yesterday I had quite a drama, and am still recovering. I have a sewing machine, which I keep in the cellar. The main reason for its exile in the cellar is because I rarely use it. It is a very good machine, a Swiss Bernina and I attended sewing evenings for many years, at least 20, and made all my ow clothes, although this was many years ago. Even our wonderful teacher was retired in the meanwhile and that was when I stopped.

I now just do repair jobs and alterations for home use, but even that is now practically non-existent. If you are a golden olden you can get your expandable comfortable trousers in all sizes, and everything else is universal style. However now and again Mr. Swiss treats himself to something new meaning I have to alter lengths. Yesterday, after a couple of years, I visited my machine in the hobby room to alter the length on a normal pair of blue jeans. First of all I had to search for a plug-in station that worked. I had to call Mr. Swiss. Afterwards I prepared the machine. I used this machine for at least 20 years and even had a complete revision about 10 years go, but I had to think about the various ways of the thread to set it up. The next problem was threading the needle. I wear glasses, and they serve me well, but it seems they are not designed for threading needles. I eventually found a needle threading device and was ready to go. However, it did not go. I needed a “zig-zag” for the raw edge and although the needle was hammering backwards and forwards it was not sewing. It was probably a small detail I had forgotten. I realise now how old I am becoming. Not able to thread a needle in a couple of minutes and using a machine I lived with for many years.

I eventually gave up and did it all by hand in the evening in front of the T.V. Even then I realised that my eye sight is not what it used to be for such delicate work. I know my body no longer does what it should, but I did not expect this. I should really stick to photography and let Mr. Swiss get his alterations done in the shop.

I will now move on. Today they are letting me out for a visit to the supermarket – how exciting. We have already had our summit talk about what to eat today and tomorrow, so what could possibly go wrong. Enjoy the beginning to your week and no stress or rush.

Road to Langendorf 03.11 (2)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. First of all … you can SEW. I never could and I haven’t been able to thread a needle without a needle threading device in years. I don’t even try any more. And taking up jeans is a real job! I have to find someone to do it for me because I’m so inept. I can stitch up torn dog toys — and that is IT for my sewing skills.

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    • I could see. I made nearly alll my own clothes and trousers for the kids. It was cheaper, we had a cloth factory near us where you could get the material cheap. I am also quite tall and could never buy the right length. I stopped some time ago and now I realise that my sewing coordination is not so good. Threading a needle has become almost impossible with or without a needle threader


  2. We were in Santa Monica the day George Clooney was filming the Nespresso commercial. We were going to go to the store for a sample, but it was closed and there was tons of equipment outside. We were told that George Clooney was inside filming, but we didn’t see him. We did get a kick out of seeing a big cut out of him drinking his Nespresso in Paris!

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    • I thought he would do the commercial in a studio. That was a near miss. We only have a chance to see those personalities here if they spend their holidays in the Swiss ski resorts or on the Italian lakes.


  3. I’ve never been good at sewing but I have to take up hems on jeans and pants and still do that although I don’t enjoy it. I have no idea how much it costs to get them done but with my transport issues it is probablly easier to do it myself.

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    • Trouser lengths are always a problem as they are never what they should be. I visited my sewing evenings at least 20 years and it was no problem. I am now out of practice and would rather sit at the computer than a sewing machine

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