Flower of the Day: 06.11.2017 Echinacea


I call them “the photographer’s flower”. They are excellent for macro, for close up and just otherwise. Even the centers are photogenic with their spikes. I have a couple of plants in my garden and if an insect happens to rest awhile on one of the centers then you are guaranteed a good image.

Flower of the Day: 06.11.2017 Echinacea

4 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 06.11.2017 Echinacea

  1. I normally do not like fads, but this was a cool fad back a few years ago. They may not be trendy now, but they are still around. I don’t remember them being so variably prior to the fad. They look like such a Midwestern flower, like sunflowers.

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