Daily Prompt: An Improvement

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I had to rethink my organisation. No, there is no panacea and if there was we would have thousands of doctors with no patients, and empty hospitals, not to mention nurses with no one to care for. A cure for MS is not available, not even on the horizon, but a few helps. I can delay my illness with an injection, every two days. Apart from a few blue marks on certain body parts I manage quite well.

What I miss are my walks, only half an hour, but I was seeing the ducks and swans swmming on the local river, seeing trees grow and change their colours and birds flying. A walk up the path to the local castle and rest on a bench overlooking the farmlands. I can still do it, but I tire quicker and I like to take photos on the way, but with a stick in one hand it is difficult to pay attention to the focussing of a camera as well and a danger of falling.

My situation was not improving. I was in the village first aid society for many years. We were present at various local events as a safety measure. Being one of the few in the organisation that knew what a computer was, I also did the accounts for 5-6 years: not that I am an accountant, far from it, but I knew the ways of Excel. Knowing how to operate an account with about 20 links was something else.

And so I called our local chief first aid person for advice. I wanted a wheelchair. I did not want one of these strange objects on wheels looking like something to carry a supermarket basket. We call them a zimmerframe. My dad had one in his last years and I sometimes see golden oldies with them in town, but that is not my thing. Last week Mr. Swiss and I payed a visit to the place where you can buy or rent your wheelchairs and other aids. They were very helpful. Renting was almost more expensive than buying and so I chose my model on wheels with its own battery. There are a few additions to be made: a mirror on the arm rest, a holder for my cane in case I need to walk somewhere, and hard rubber wheels. The normal execution was with wheels that you would have to pump now and again, but I decided to pay the extra for wheels that would take me everywhere without that problem.

It is an outdoor wheelchair, but I have to park it somewhere and leaving it outside would not be very good. I have now changed my desk. I used to look straight out of the window but now the light comes from the left. I was surprised how well it works. I now have room to park my wheelchair behind me. There is a delivery of 2-3 weeks for the wheelchair and I am in no rush. When it arrives the gardners will be finished with our outside renovations and I will be able to sail out of the open window and turn left with access to the path. They removed a bush for the builders but I told the gardners I do not want it replaced. They can now cover that part of the garden with the large stones and gravel.

Life may not be good to us all, but where there is a wheelchair there is a way for me. I would add I can walk independently at home because I feel safe. In the big wide world I have to have my trolley to push in the supermarket, or something to give me confidence when moving. I seem to slow down daily.

Daily Prompt: An Improvement

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: An Improvement

  1. You are getting a wheelchair and I’m getting one of those weird 3-wheeled wagons that are supposed to make bringing groceries upstairs easier. We all do what we hope will make life a little better. Panacea would be nice. Very nice.

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    • Panacea does not exist, so we do what we can to make life easier.We live on one floor, so at home I do not have problems moving around so much. I just have to be careful not to trip up somewhere. We have one carpet, otherwise stone tiles, and it is destiny that one day I trip on the edge of the carpet. I have seen the mobile scooters here but not the wagons. We must exchange photos when we get our new moving aids.

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  2. You are so positive in your posts and I look forward to every one. I have the pusher with the basket and it is very unwieldy. Your new organization looks good. It’s so peaceful seeing the greenery and glad you can get outside to soak up sunshine. Thanks for sharing your world with us. It is a gift.

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    • When I visited the place where I could select my wheelchair it was a real adventure. There are all sorts of devices. Of course I could have chosen the luxury wheelchair, but that would cost more than a car, so I had to keep it sensible. When the lady said I could go for a trial drive around the grounds outside, it was fun. I was turning right and left and even have a horn to warn people that I am coming. I felt like a formula 1 racing car driver I even have lights for showinf right and left. Of course it is not my choice, but I am lucky that I can choose such aids. I make the most of it, and no good refusing. I want to maintain my quality of life as far as possible.

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  3. I used a walker (zimmerframe) when I had my hip surgery. It was amazingly helpful for stability, but yeah. Not as stable as a chair. Over this past month with the hip thing I’ve done a lot of hard thinking about life and death and why and what the fuck? and I realized that all I want to do is walk my dog. She’s a really good dog and she loves me and she’s only 2 years old. I expect that her life and mine are set to expire at roughly the same time, so I’m just working toward 10 years of relative mobility and training Bear to watch me when we walk. I realized I’m pretty fed up with the booby-traps along the way that keep grabbing me and pulling me down and I realized Bear is an ally in my fight against them. Dusty too, of course, but he is 11 years old. There’s no panacea for this; all of it is our paradoxical reward for living long enough to encounter it.

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    • I look around when I am shopping or walking and realise I am not alone with these problems. I have a thing about those zimmer frames, do not really know why. I would rather be seen in a wheelchair than pushing one of those. The only thinking I might do about death is that one day it will happen. You are not really going anywhere, so get it done and done with. In the meanwhile do your best to make the most of the time you have left. No-one knows what could happen. I did not order my complaint and I am sure you did not either, but lets plod on, read a book, go out and enjoy the outside world. My dad’s last visit to Switzerland was when he was 82. He was still walking with a cane at the age of 90, but slowly it all slows down. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and anything else you can cross that we manage to live our lives as well as possible – and we all have a computer. You are never alone with a computer, or a dog. Not so sure about cats.

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      • Dusty wanted me to let you know you mean as much to Tabby as is possible. 😀 I’m anxious to find out what’s going on with my hip. I think waiting to know what to do really got to me. But I’m ok now. You’re completely right about making the most of the time we have left ❤️

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        • “as is possible” is the unknown in the feline species. It is the waiting game with the doctors. Here in Switzerland it is kept to a minimum, but you have to have various processes performed before you know what is really going on.


  4. I think if I needed something I would probablyl prefer the wheelchair to the zimmerframe. They look so unwieldy but whatever helps you to maintain your mobility. That’s the important thing.

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    • Definitely a wheelchair for me as I can take photos as well. . Zimmer frames are so awkward to move and you have to maintain your balance, but an electric wheelchair needs no great energy and I am more versatile in what I am doing.

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