Flower of the Day: 05.11.2017 Bell Flowers

Bell flowers

It seems that anything looking remotely bell shaped in the plant world is a bell flower. They come in all sizes and colours. When I took the photo in the store, I had a look at the label expecting to discover some mysterious latin name and no, it was a bell flower. Anyhow they look quite nice.

Flower of the Day: 05.11.2017 Bell Flowers

Daily Prompt: It’s raining Eggs

Oh dear!

This is what might happen if you are not careful about transporting eggs from the supermarket. It could be that a heavier bag than the bag containing the eggs might fall on the bag containing the eggs: no problem. Instead of the usual fried eggs you make scrambled eggs if you manage to remove the pieces of the cracked egg shells. Note we buy our eggs generally in amount of ten, in England the custom is a dozen eggs.

I have an eggy story. Once upon a time, about 40 years ago, a family lived on the first floor of an appartment building situated at the crossroads on a busy road and there were traffic lights, leading to a stop and go situation. There was a knock on the door in the afternoon and two policemen were standing at the door. Only the man of the house was present, as the wife was shopping.

“Good afternoon, there is a problem” said the police officer. The man of the house was a law abiding citizen and was perplexed. He had not fines to pay for false parking and lead a quiet honourable life.

“We had a report from a car driver who stopped at the traffic lights. It seems that someone threw raw eggs onto their car whilst it was waiting below your building and they seemed to come from the window of your appartment.” said the policeman. The driver had reported this to the police – it was his good right of course.

“Oh” was the reply from the man of the house, not knowing what else to say. There was only one person who might, could, probably committed this unpredictable crime. Yes, if you have an autistc 7 year old at home anything could happen. The case was explained to the police, and with the remark to make sure it does not repeat itself, they left. As I said this was about 40 years ago. Words were spoken to the suspected who was warned and it never happened again.

We are a law abiding family, but just the idea of sitting in a car and eggs raining down from above is not ideal. Today we can laugh, but then it was not funny. It was a criminal offence. The car driver had to clean the window aterwards to remove the egg. It can rain many objects, but not eggs.


Daily Prompt: It’s raining Eggs

Good Morning

Privet in rain

It is raining, so what more is there to say. It is pouring down for the first time in a couple of weeks. Yesterday the neighbour opposite spent time showering her garden. I could have told her it is not worth the effort and water, but she is convinced that she always does everything in the right way. My garden was still surviving nicely and at the beginning of November I do not need to give it water.

Yesterday was 5th November which probably only has a meaning for the Brits amongst us. We commemorate Guy Fawkes, the guy who decided to blow up the houses of parliament in London. A lot has been written about him, but it is probably only the Brits that almost make a national day of it. Luckily (or unluckily according to how you look at it), his plot was discovered. The gunpowder was ready and waiting but the King’s men arrived in time. If you are interested in the political background, again to do with religion which seems to be the cause for most problems, then look it up in Wikipedia.

The main thing about this Fawkes guy was that the kids in England have fun. They manage to construct a dummy, known as a guy, and parade it around the streets of London usually in an old push chair, collecting money to buy their fireworks. “A penny for the guy” was their war cry, although I should think today it would be many pennies or pounds to cover the price of fireworks. I never bothered myself because I did not like the fireworks that went “bang”, they scared me as a kid. I remember once going with my mum in the evening to get a couple of drinks at the off licence. The off licence was a place where you could buy alcholic drinks in the evening, and also soft drinks.

I remember I wanted a bottle of tizer (another drink of the past). And so when we left the off licence there were kids outside throwing “bangers” on the street. We were both scared and spent many minutes waiting for a chance to escape and get home. If it does that sort of thing to humans, I realise why the cats and dogs get their annual nervous breakdown on 5th November. I was reading some remarks in Facebook yesterday, and it has not changed over the years. Looking at the price of fireworks today, I wonder how the kids, or parents, can afford to throw their money away on these explosives. I do not see the fun in it. We have something similar on the Swiss National Day, 1st August.


I have now finished my breakfast and in the meanwhile my luch is cooking. I have a large piece of ham today, all nicely packed in a sterilised cooking proof bag. All I have to do is heat it in boiling water and my meat will be ready at lunch time. I also have some frozen beans and potatoes to go with it. It is Sunday, a so-called day of rest, and I am taking it easy this morning.

Great Tit 04.11 (4)

Yesterday afternoon whilst I was writing my piece of the day on the computer I saw a great tit land on the tree in front of the window. I was lucky that he stayed awhile because I am no longer fast enough for a quick grab at the camera, but I managed to  make a capture. It is the first tit of the season. We have quite a few in Winter, but I never see them in Summer.

And now to depart and enjoy my quiet relaxing Sunday. There is sometimes an advantage when it rains. You really do not have to go places and see things, it all happens outside. Have a good Sunday everyone, see you on the flip side or whatever.

Clouds 03.11 (2)