12 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 04.11.2017 Rose

    • I have a climbing rose in my garden, a pink one. I just wish it wouldn’t climb, but it climbs every year. I often buy the potted roses in the store and afterwards plant them in the garden, they can be quite rewarding. Of course you have the perfect place for roses. In Switzerland they grow OK, but you have to be careful which type you plant.

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      • I grew nine hybrid tea roses in my mother’s garden when I was in high school. I know they are not politically correct now, but they were still cool back then, and are still my favorites. However, my mother and I had different taste in roses. Three were ‘Proud Land’, and we both like those. Another was a similar rich red like ‘Mr. Lincoln’. The other five were soft pinks and yellows. I wanted ‘John F. Kennedy’, but my mother didn’t like it. Eventually, she allowed a ‘Medallion’ because it is a soft color; but the flowers are so freakishly big! Oh well. I like it anyway.

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        • I wonder if rose names are matched to the countries that grow them. I couldn’t imagine a John F. Kennedy growing in Switerland. I once had a Rembrandt rose named after the Dutch painter.

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          • Rembrandt is (or was) popular here. I thought that John F. Kennedy was popular everywhere! Some of us really like it because it is such a crisp clear white, with the form of a red rose. My mother does not like it because some of the flowers get tiny red streaks on them, and because she prefers softer colors; like ‘French Lace’, which is sort of an ivory color. Rose enthusiasts dislike it because of it’s breeding. It is bred from red roses, not white. The more they dislike it, the more I like it. It is only a few years older than I am. I am a sucker for names, as well as the origins of things. If it came from the 1960s, it must be cool.

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